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Lucky. Melwood is accepting unwanted vehicles in any condition. Donating your vehicle to melwood is fast and easy, and supports your local community. We accept most vehicles in any condition, even if it's old or doesn't run. To donate, call one 8 7 7 melwood, or visit melwood dot org slash radio, melwood, empowering people with disabilities for 60 years. Call one 8 7 7 to donate today. This is WTO news. 9 53, Brittany griner is headed back to the Phoenix mercury griner who was a free agent, re signed with the team on a one year contract according to an AP source, although no announcement has been made. The 32 year old had said she would return to Phoenix in a social media post back in December after she returned home from her ten month ordeal in Russia. Reiner last played for the mercury in 2021 and helped the team reach the WNBA finals. Climbing the economic ladder can be a huge hurdle for young men of color. While a local organization is bringing them face to face with the business world on the president's day holiday. We're going to have high school college and just young professionals come together to learn about different pathways, apprenticeships, college, as well as financial literacy. That's Eric king, executive director of the capitol youth empowerment program. The organization is hosting the all day event at Capital One hall and Tyson's tomorrow. Speakers include executives of color from various companies as well as former Alexandria school superintendent Gregory hutchings. There will also be a career expo after. The advantage opened to everyone, lunch is provided, and you can register for free online. Jacob Kerr, WTO news. Are

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