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Yeah, that first sending Homer, the only run the answers would score. It was a 21 lost to Tampa Bay. Now, Game two is this afternoon live coverage begins. Sportstalk 7 90 at two first pitch will be a 307. Texas finally got their first win of the season. Just Shawn wants in throwing for 359 yards, three touchdowns and they beat the Jaguars 30 14. Now this gives the interim head coach Romeo Crennel, his first win. A team visits Tennessee next Sunday. I'm sheriff Fryer on Houston's news whether in traffic station NewsRadio 7 40. Digging upon Daniel Dean land clearing and artwork to 81356 dirt. More with Jimmy Barrett and share a fryer. This is Houston's morning news. All right. Leland Conway in for Jimmy Barrett on Houston's morning news, Sherry, you'll get a kick out of this. Biden and Harris had a joint appearance in Arizona. And they drew zero Spectators. Zero attendees. Zip zilch. Nobody Yeah, And we're supposed to believe that Biden is leading Trump in the polls in Arizona. It can you imagine if you had a birthday party and nobody showed up. It's like there's all this pent up energy from from President Trump being off the trail for 10 days. And Biden. Harris go out there and they have absolutely nobody show up. Alright? Ronna McDaniel, The RNC chairwoman, had this to say on Fox News a little earlier, she said. That Biden may seem nice, but what he wants for the country is anything but well, I think everybody in Pennsylvania now knows Joe Biden is a liar. He's lying. He's lying to get elected. He's lying about Stacking the Supreme Court. He won't answer the question he's saying, You know what America I'll let you know. After I get elected, how I'm going to govern. We'll find out where.

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