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Misconduct allegations, former CBS boss, les Moonves says won't be getting that big payout from the company if he correspondent Mike Rossier? CBS announced late Monday that former CEO les Moonves says will not receive a one hundred twenty million dollars severance package after an investigation into sexual misconduct allegations, according to CBS wound vez failed to fully cooperate with the investigation and attorney for moon. Vez says his client vehemently denies any nonconsensual sexual relations and cooperated extensively and fully with investigators wound vez was ousted in September. Under a wave of allegations from women that included accounts of forced oral sex groping and retaliation. If they resisted, I'm Mike Rossier? Heavy losses on Wall Street at the closing bell Vidal had lost five hundred and seven points. The s&p five hundred of the NASDAQ also lost two percent special counsel. Robert Muller's office has released portions of the FBI interview notes from the false statement case against Michael Flynn. The former national security advisers lawyers have suggested have suggested investigators discouraged Flynn from having an attorney. The president during his interview, but former FBI director James Comey says Republican criticism of the case is off base. What's happened to the Republican party? They're up here attacking the FBI investigation of a guy who pled guilty to lying to the FBI. He should have been warned. You shouldn't lie should have been told. You can have a lawyer think the state of affairs. We've ended up in. That's nonsense. Flynn has the sentencing hearing scheduled for tomorrow. The UN general assembly is condemning what it describes as systemic systematic, widespread and gross violations of human rights, North Korea and the diversion of resources to nuclear weapons and ballistic missile development at the expense of the welfare of its people. This is AP radio news. The dude is in line for a big honor at the Golden Globes AP correspondent Warren Levinson. The Hollywood Foreign Press association says Jeff bridges will get the Cecil b award. When the Golden Globes are handed out next month. Bridges has produced a half dozen movies and acted in more than ninety including crazy heart the fabulous Baker boys and the big lebowski where he's role as the dude has made him an enduring cult hero the lifetime achievement honor dates back to nineteen fifty two. Previous winners include Walt Disney, Judy Garland, Denzel Washington and Meryl Streep the association also announced a new honor the Carol Burnett award for lifetime achievement in television, the winner Carol brunette, I'm Warren Levinson in hockey, the Philadelphia Flyers fired their head coach Dave Hextall today. General manager Chuck Fletcher announced the move less than two weeks after he took over for fire GM Ron Hextall the flyers are back in action against against Detroit tomorrow night. I'm Ben Thomas, AP radio news. AP radio news. I'm Ben Thomas after his ouster over sexual.

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