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Drew Brees Matt Ryan Cam Newton. Jameis winston. I mean, let's just be fair. They acquired a middle of the road quarterback and for a mid round pick, which Adam Schefter said. So it's not like, you're breaking the Bank and sound like you've made some kind of a horrendous maneuver here. But I just don't know that you look at Denver right now and say to yourself boy were considerably better today than we were yesterday. I don't know that that's the case. And I think he's a good teammate. And I think he can be construed as a leader. And I think that he's obviously had that one magical run. But how long does that work for you? How how long does your reputation get you a job unless we fair the guy went out and Baltimore this year. He loses his job. He can't regain it doesn't mean that. He can't be good again. Maybe it changes scenery works. I mean, I guess it's Is certain. certainly a possibility. I just don't see it for me. This is not the move. If I'm the Broncos I want to go after one of these young kids in the draft. I wanna start young I want to I will give up because they are in a win now mentality. I wanna I wanna give up real assets to move up and get the kid that I love in this draft. And that's what you need to do. That's exactly what you need to do. If you're if you're the Denver Broncos. What they did. I don't love it. They did eight say ESPN eight eight seven two nine three seven seven six. So that's kind of the one story that we wanted to spend a good bit of time on today and the other at a nowhere. So you watch Duke against Virginia over the weekend and Duke has this unbelievable win they beat up on Virginia. Truthfully, they shot lights out. They really wasn't even overly competitive game. Even though scoreboard wise kind of appeared closer than it was and you'll look at this now and they show up for this game last night and the. Run out of the building. So whether it's the fact that they didn't have the motivation. Whether it's the fact that they were a little bit. I don't know a little bit tired. I mean, they're still young kids. It's fatigue. Whatever you want to say it is right. They show up or lack thereof. They don't show up. They're getting crushed in this game fifty nine thirty six nine minutes to go. It was it was so close so close to me turning the game off and asking my wife, if she wanted to watch a show because we taped the shows tape shows, right? So we do you tape your show. It's on the DVR. And I said do you want to just watch your show? I said, you know, what give me two more minutes because it's Duke. He may give me two more minutes. Let me just see if they can make any semblance of a run back here. And all my God. I mean, not only do they start to get themselves back into this game. But they are at the point where they cut it to seven..

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