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Was like, yo, they did the credit. I'm very credit conscious. I want the spelling right. I want everything mentioned. Who engineered 'cause I used to look at all the albums and read who's this who's a producer? Yeah. I was like yo, man y'all did it wrong? Mine should be the remix and law festive original. They're like no, because Jordans are being a single. So if we put out remix, it doesn't really coincide with their first single. I was like, I'm still whacked, but that's how much I want to correct. I don't want anybody in this credit. And I'm still like that to this very day so boom. It ended up being the original, but that's a remix. Also, back to the Zack think that whole issue is really about that era in 99, 2000 when there was this, you know, a lot of hybrid with rock and rap and you had you had some really good stuff. I feel like Rage Against the Machine where by far the best and the only one that's really age very well because they understood the soul of hip hop and it was political music. Yeah, look at that little coming. That had to be oh no, no, no. Yeah, you're right. Because it's just born again, December 7th, so he had already passed. And you did something on the board again. Yeah, reading that phenomenon. Yeah. And I mean, you had to have been close with big, I mean, beyond just being the studio because I feel like you don't really work with anyone that you don't fuck with as a person. Absolutely. We were all cool back because so much has happened with hanging with big. Besides the records, you know, I'll never forget, I had my 94 BMW chromed out dope ass rims and me and J roux. They were just popping at the time. Sunrise these had just dropped. It is already circulating everybody knows the songs. We're driving down Fulton digging and just having to be on the corner and he stops traffic because we're almost at the stoplight. Yeah. Big walks up to my drivers window goals. What do I have to do to get one of these? And I said, do you gonna get it? It's gonna make sure you're good. Don't worry about it. He's gonna make sure you pop and so on. He's taking too long. I'm like, you've gotta be patient, man. It's part of the process. You're gonna pop, which you did. And he goes, Jay who by the way, if you ever do a video to Brooklyn took it, I just want to stand next to you and just look hard and not even say nothing. And they were going, and you know, it's actually makes my hair sent up to know these stories. Yeah, man. To know that jeru is had some real genuine, huge club records with come clean and bitches and everything, but it turns out the profit to know there was this time when big was like looking at you. Dude, you are a 100% tap. 100%. Wow. None of this is made up. Everything is factual. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Jesus. I mean, stories really do just rain from the sky when you're talking to this man. And thinking of a moment in time where biggie unknown but soon to be a giant superstar, was looking up to Jey ru the damage, a respected artist with a few underground hits, like he, jeru was the lord of Brooklyn. Also, what a fork in the road they would soon represent for hip hop, with biggie and puff becoming the symbol of flossi Ness in this player lifestyle, while jaru would deride this very lifestyle in songs like you're playing yourself. In a world where rap beefs and allegiances were extremely dangerous, prim was somehow this beloved character who could walk both sides of the line, simply probably because he was so good, but also incredibly real. In fact, I wonder now talking to him if some physical violence was actually spared by the fact that these artists had these incredible rugged primo beats to air their grievances over sometimes. I mean, the way he tells the story of Big E turning to him with the wink and saying, you know I'm gonna have to go at your man on this song, right? I mean, wow, it's chills. It's also a joy to watch primo leaf through this incredibly rare old issue of the fader. Looking at himself some 20 years ago, just being a young man, smoking a blunt at a photo shoot. All these memories flooding in. Even for someone who's been such a part of history, you can tell he doesn't spend time looking back, dwelling on past accomplishments, but it's sort of a pleasure to watch him do so. Damn right, I know I'm smoking a blunt right there. Oh, yeah. Damn. 'cause I'm not, I mean, well, you know what? In the younger days, yeah, you'd see me with a lot of, you know, we always need to have a kid. But now, I never do shit like that, but again, I was young, ignorant. Look at me hitting a fucking block. Also because we were talking a little bit earlier before, we'll keep it PG, but Patrick moxie, of course, who I knew from because I was just starting out in the clubs and he was already had payday and you guys, but also you guys are swimming at that time through different scenes in New York, not just like the tunnel scene or whatever. Like I'm sure you had. It was probably pretty wild. New York and late 80s, early 90s with all that, I guess it was kind of wild like fashion models, Russell, like all that shit. Yeah, before I just met guru, maybe most prior I came back to New York for us to record words I manifested was the first song we ever recorded. And it took off, so when I was now about to get signed and I tried just on my deal, but we still hadn't done the album yet. Cool took me to the payday, which it was a Milky Way as well. They had two different ones. And he was like, you know, you gotta meet this guy wants to manage me. He said, he's always up to spot. He said, the difference is, he says it's kind of like a Studio 54 Bobby. He said, was it the one in the lower east side where there was a way down there? Well, it always moved, you know? Every two weeks or once a month would move and you had to know where it was. And it was word of mouth. It's almost like whispering, you know, like, hey man, the painting's gonna be a so and so. Yeah. So just the fact that you had to find out where it is word of mouth, you might run into somebody that's gonna get into that club and being down. Just having to run them going, walking around to the city of New York and they'd be like, yo, payday's gonna be popping in two weeks at this spot. Here's a flyer. And it's like, oh my God. The parties back then too, 'cause now you've, you know, obviously dude full headline says just a DJ premier, but the first gig I have a DJ was called Mars. New spot after Milky Way and payday. It was all about Mars over to me packing district. And I'll never get jam after J walked in and I was playing straight out of the jungle and the boot is elevated and so you can look down at everybody and jam as Jay walked in, which was a big deal and he walked in. He's like, bopping, and he points he's like, yo, you killing it. And I'm like, oh. I'm killing all you know me. I know. And shouting my dance at HL rocket was part of the dancer in gangstar. If you look at the manifest video and even in the positivity video, he's the mom, that's tied to the ropes. That's how I dance with me and with the college together. When I moved to permanently, he rode with me. Shotgun in my truck, the whole way to New York all my records got wet completely. It rained every day. We drove for like a day and a half straight up the coast of 95 and all my records got wet in the water damage. You know, I heard, and I heard you were still drawing those records and even the ones that you made some hits off of the question remains..

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