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Five. But tracking a minor down in the fifties and sixties is no easy feat in that even found that surprised me because it was very hard to figure out where he was which base which country at which times right and John, whose picture appears in the Newark High School Yearbook and Nineteen Sixty one as a sophomore, so he attended high school in Ohio if only four short time likely when his father was between assignments, and we know that prior to his arrival. Arrival in Germany. Where he went to school with her first degree Barbara, he had spent time in Hawaii, and also North Carolina and we do know that he was attending school on the base in Germany from sixty two until sixty three, and it's a nineteen sixty three when John Killed Margaret Williams. He then spent those measly two years serving a sentence for her murder between sixty four and sixty six, and then he returns to the United States, but then why? What we can't be sure of is that upon his return, it became clear that those two years in a German prison did not rehabilitate John Get true. Not, even close. And we know that because we now know that more women net Margaret's fate. It's hard to know where John. Catcher landed immediately following his return from Europe. There are no records it can be found between sixty six and sixty nine. However we do know that he got married to his first wife in sparks Nevada. which is a town within reno? And by Nineteen, seventy-one John Wife moved to and settled into Palo. Alto California, which is near San Francisco And at this time he's working as a lab tech Mills Hospital which was located in Palo Alto. He later worked the Stanford University Medical Center as a cardiac technician, and then eventually oddly Japan started working in security at Stanford University. The name of the company that employed him in seventy two was officially listed as Plant Protection Services of Palo Alto, and we know that the seventy s were rocked cursed whatever you wanna call it plagued with a number of prolific and extremely deadly serial killers, especially on the west coast. We have bundy. We have raider. We have Dangelo. We have the hillside strangler, and so on and so forth. The time, it wasn't clear how many serial killers were at work across California, but it was more than a few. We didn't have the technology to help. Connect cases, nor could information be spread quickly amongst police departments. Keeping in general was lax, people could easily assume different names, new identities and John Gastro had all of this working in his favor in the added bonus, he had also was that he was military brat which. Makes it much more difficult to figure out where he'd been where he was or anticipate where he.

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