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You're listening to happy out, show of conversation. It's a fiddly, happy hour. I'm still via Stanley joined by my dreamy conversational mixologist. Hey, was up guys. It's a mill in his junior, hey, what's up? Everybody? I'm Canaria. Nelia. So there's so much going on between to choose and bodysuits and red pumps and showing some respect for who we need to respect. So we're going to talk to figure out deconstruct this cocktail one ingredient at a time. So voters keep making history. And the latest news in the resistance is Andrew. Gillum just became the first African American to win a major party nomination for Florida governor. On the same day, the doctor king delivered his. I have a dream speech and Brock Obama accepted the democratic national nomination for president of the United States in two thousand eight. The question is whether or not we think that this is a new resistance movement and that states who previously were Republican because in fact, we are now. Aware of the dire consequences of either not voting or voting for the wrong individuals. We are coming out in full force and the we I'm talking about is the we on the side of good are coming out in full force and electing people who will represent all of us fairly and justly. In this two thousand eighteen midterm elections, you know, ain't gonna be negative today. I will say. I'm actually very proud because you know, for a long time, there are people who say, you know, nothing can change. Nothing can be done. Everything all hope is lost. And I think what we're seeing with a lot of these recent nomination, democratic nominations across the country were seeing this movement, like you said, does resistance because I think regardless of if they actually get elected, what we're seeing now is a reinvigoration of or maybe even a start of caring about. Politics because a lot of people just having cared, haven't had the desire to even research, educate themselves on what they need to do. And because we now have not the celebrities but multiple people speaking out within their communities and talking to their family and friends really expressing the importance of actually going out to vote. We're starting to see this new inspire wave of voters who were actually letting their voice be heard because if you really think about it, there are so many people who would put that narrative out there that your vote doesn't matter in that was put out there for a reason. And if people were saying that in that was just reiterated whether it be in our community or from others than you just start to believe that is true when we know that that's actually not true. And we've talked about the rig elections in Russian all different things, but that doesn't mean that just because you think all hope is lost or you think, just because it's possible that the election will get rigor Israel, that you should just be like, okay, I'm gonna sit home because you're. Really think about it makes it easier for them to do what they're doing. So I have little try. Well, sad. Yeah, no good point. Shutouts Florida. I know a couple of people who, because I believe Andrew gillum with two fam- you if I'm not mistaken, I have a lot of friends with the family who were super supportive of him. Angela rye was in Florida campaigning. A lot of people were on board in like we've been saying for the last couple of weeks couple of months. We are at a time where elections aren't just local or in your area, especially when it comes to actually competing with a campaign 'cause.

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