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With us. Glad you're here on this thanksgiving Thursday, November twenty two Gordon Deal with Jennifer Kushinka coming up this hour, our how America lost its love for the manual transmission? Also pro athletes who beg for faster stronger video game doubles. And if you're American good luck finding a Turkey and all the trimmings if you're in Europe for thanksgiving love that story in about twenty minutes. On a serious note here drugs and suicide are pushing down life expectancy in the US. That's according to a special report from the CDC that found rising rates of overdose deaths suicide and chronic liver disease, even as Americans improve survival rates for other well known causes of death like cancer more from Laura Kelly health reporter at the Washington Times. Lord, give us some findings though. This is a trend that how researchers had started to observe over the past few years that are like expectancy is going down in two thousand fourteen average American could expect to about seventy point nine years old. That's now down to about seventy point six, which I mean, does it seem like a big difference? When you start to look at it compared to other countries where their life expectancy on average is eighty one years old and above. Discrepancies. And when we remain on those numbers on gender women with longer than men so mannered are dying at an earlier age, seventy seventy six seventy five. And then also when you look at race African American men are dying. Maybe even by I don't know the. But it can be as well as a seventy seventy three researchers at the finish control prevention, why take a closer look at by the death rates why we were dying at earlier ages on. And I think we all know what it called the opioid epidemic has taken I in US and into seventy two thousand people died I would drug overdose. So that is one of the main drivers at bringing expectancy it's really killing off people between the age of twenty five to thirty four. But what this latest report showed that even older Americans forty forty up are dying from drug overdoses suicides. And there is an increase in liver disease, America's which is also driving boy is is liver connection tied to drinking. So those remain. That are that are increasing liver disease run is the obesity epidemic. So when Dr John Hopkins that they're seeing an increase in fatty liver disease. And then there's also complications from hepatitis C that even go there is a. Feeder stuffing people that are having symptoms decades later, and then the third is from thinking. Too much and when taken all together, I mean. Things can be interrelated drug use strengthening depression, mental health at. So this is something that the nation related to. I mean, I think we are looking at. Just continue to highlight the risks speaking with Laura Kelly health reporter at the Washington Times, and she's written a piece entitled, drug overdoses and suicides are pushing life expectancy in the US behind that of other developed nations. It's strange, right. I mean, I think you point out in the story we're doing better with things we sometimes can't control like cancer yet doing poorly things we can control. Yeah. I I mean, not not so many bright spots in this piece by a what's heartening to see that rates of heart disease. At least at least stable maybe going down a little bit and cancer on death rates from cancer also going down, and that just goes to show how valuable pudding. Funding into research. I think has shown has shown those rewards. And that's what we're talking now with Trump you and what's the side with expanding suicide prevention hotline. Hopefully, also one of the diseases that is raising the death rate is out, and we will have no more fall progress, man, intriguing or detecting, Al pilots, and also, you know, advocates really push for increased funding. And and and I think it's starting fed maybe a little bit slower, Laura. Kelly health reporter at the Washington Times. Twenty one minutes now in front of the hour on This Morning, America's first news. Dell's black Friday sale for.

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