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Good enough so go to the lakers reporter account and and mike has tweeted it out there's actually a longer one at three or four minute one doesn't want to yeah you get to see kind of more of what happened i use the one minute one because you know i i didn't know how it would play in the radio but if you don't know what we're talking about we'll explain it next there's a guy that's gonna play for the lakers tonight that is thirty two he has gray hair he's played seven hundred g league games and three hundred and eighty league games he says he has over seven hundred threes and has never played a second of nba basketball that will change tonight a mike trudeau information espn la mason and ireland might dell in for maize and i've just had a decent texas change with your wife i texted her whoa your husband claims he has never seen the movie flashdance i'm convinced that he has probably with you have you seen it and you think he has take your loss drawn her spots he definitely hasn't seen it i've seen it a bunch of times he's ridiculous i assume a lot of television and movies and media just haven't seen literally cultural icon well apparently not survive just fine to argue with her earlier in the show earlier in the show you and i and michael was in here talked about the josh rosen interviewing espn the magazine that came out today in the interview josh rosen is very confident that he's going to be the best quarterback in this draft he does not back down for many as beliefs he's very candid very outspoken tony kornheiser and michael wilpon just lead pardon the interruption with the josh rosen interview they prism did it in the question they asked was did it help him or hurt him this interview did today in which he is he is very confident bordering on cocky i have not heard this but here's tony and mike debating of josh rosen helped himself today but we begin today with controversial quarterback prospect josh rosen who has been the subject of a whisper campaign that he's too smart too rich and too arrogant rose.

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