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I got it. I got a hamstring injury. I got a cat problem. I got turf toe. My gotta get better. He's got to get better. He doesn't look at him. He's averaging what 18 19 points game. You should be a 25 26 point. It should be a double double. Every night, he walking out of getting on a bed. He's 27 12 over his career. I don't know. Anyway, so and that's a look at the NBA scoreboard and we will go into the overnights before we do. I had to get some baseball in because to me. It was huge news over the weekend when the Dodgers signed Trevor Bauer The fact that they are plus 3 25 to 1. A real serious to me is absolutely ridiculous. I do not remember a team being Det short. A favorite to win. Well, they couldn't make him a minus. No, they couldn't have. But they should. There are five Cy Young awards in that rotation, ridiculous. And two and three piece Yeah. Three from Kersh, obviously one from Trevor Bauer, one from David Price. They have the best fit starter in the game with David Price. It's good. They have dusted man. Tony Gonsouland coming out of the bullpen? Yep. Unless you trade them, Use them as trade bait, But I don't think they will. I think they keep them because I know, but I don't have to keep him. Yes, And no, I would. I mean, when you look at this go, OK. I can put areas in the bullpen. Let me treat. Dustin May and Gavin looks to the Reds for Luis Castillo. And you anyway, you heading No, Suarez. Don't have to worry about Justin Turner. I know I have a third baseman is gonna they can hit 40 to 50 home runs and I have Oh, by the way, and Louise Castillo, who would be a number one starter on most teams as my number four, but I'm also looking at Couple years from now. Double years ago. I still have either gone stolen or may which everyone? I didn't trade, but I have both. Now I just find them in the spots that David Price and curse shall come out of, and I still have them. That's what I look. You're not gonna Bauer's there for two years. I know that, but I'm not. I don't want to give up my two guys that I believe in because I've kept them for A couple guys that I really don't know. Bauer was so much more important for the Mets to get them the Dodgers and this is why I didn't understand. Steve Cohen is the richest owner in all of baseball. And he said going in were our farm system. Isn't that good? So we're gonna have to throw money at this problem. The top five free agents, DJ the Mayhew, Uh, often and catcher just resigned. Real Thank you. Real Moto. George Springer. Uh uh. Trevor Bauer, one of those guys, you figure was gonna land in New York. They lost on every single They were in the bidding problem. They lost it. I'll bid for Springer by the Blue Jays. LeMay you by the Yankees power by the Dodgers Real Moto by the by the Phillies, although they decided not to go over real Moto because they signed James McCann. So, yes, they traded for Frankie Lynn Door and Coast Marasco. I think Carrasco's have forgotten guy in all of this, but He hasn't done when I thought he was going to do. And if Mets fans were disappointed, I totally get it won't end of the day. You can only offer them the money. They got. Take it right. So I mean, he offered But I mean in the National League, If you ask me, it's all I mean the play authority sewn up. You got the Dodgers, Cardinals and Braves. I think winning the West East and Central now, especially the Braves, re signing Marcelo Zuna. And you have the Mets and Padres. You two wild cards. There's no spot for anybody else. Well, it's it's almost the Larry Bird thing with with the Dodgers. Only Avery walked in locked room, said All right, who's coming in second? Yeah, right now. Doctors like I mean, and if I'm the Padres and my I just spun my wheels had this amazing off season in one fell Superman, nothing but even after doing all that, and you don't believe like I do, But even after doing all that I'm still going okay and And worst of all, it's not that I don't believe you do know is that I don't wanna be cocky about it. It's not me. It's just telling the truth there. They're so much better. And everyone last year. And an ad Trevor Bauer. So now, right before Bauer of the Dodgers were.

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