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Them hi I was I was there that happened yeah so so the up that they'll be which is a regardless of what happens it's a it's a terrible image in the end of the day but they're certainly consequences but yeah that that that was an ally on works for the wall that we played in and and you know all all all there will be consequences of you're all nouns tomorrow tactically decision was teed up for taunting at the end of the place so after order was finally restored teams had to be summoned back from the locker rooms of the case they could shoot the tease images when's it AT this eighty one to six to twenty one point victory obviously not all kids involved James love David Sloan on the wild cats in the mix and it started for better or worse with the one Gordon playing until the buzzer and going for the steel down twenty two with five seconds to go is coach Bruce Weber I told them to back off I don't know but he's he's a competitive guy I don't want to take that fire on his belly but he also got to be smart and they always talk about his act right treat people right played a right way and that's that's been our way in case they that's games probably I don't know go tonight or Senate but that's all you brought is guys long as well thankscase day special and now it's it's it's you know probably should happen so and and now live in it all day at life lessons as we talk to them about that in the locker room and good fortune no one got hurt and.

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