Golden Cross Health Care Center, Brian Feeders, Senate discussed on KNX Evening News


Patients from a skilled nursing facility after it was closed on orders from the state department of justice ambulances came and went from golden cross health care center on fair oaks Avenue Pasadena interim fire chief Brian feeders explained why they were called we were asked by the state Attorney General to come and assist with the facilitation of movement of patients from the golden cross health facility to a different destinations for patients to be housed and cared for several department of justice investigators on the scene merely said the facility was temporarily de licensed but offered no further explanation workers at the Senate refused to comment sixty three patients and all were taken to other care centers or hospitals throughout LA county on a temporary basis officials couldn't comment if any of the patients were suffering from covert nineteen and it was likely that appropriate screening will be done to do temporary housing sites in Pasadena P. Dimitry okay and extend seventy newsradio KNX has reached out to the attorney general's office said is not heard back the man suspected of ambushing San Luis Obispo county sheriff's deputies and also killing a homeless man in Paso Robles has been killed in a shootout with police it was a massive manhunt for Mason layer after he attacked the deputies early yesterday morning at the Paso Robles police station he was eventually cornered this afternoon or in the area of highway forty six and Ramada drive when they were at least two exchanges of gunfire three officers were wounded but are expected to be okay Paso Robles police chief tile Lewis had this message from flooded with messages of support training for is thinking about us in Virginia US and I know that the community has felt a lot of angst and.

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