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Sorry to make sure that the people that drink coffee or take a red bull you know whatever whatever they do to stay awake that they're gonna somehow be put to sleep. He puts gary russell also on the undercard. What is a another put should asleep and again. I'm not not gary russell making a point here gary was. Who's a terrific fighter. He's a he's a high class fighter he is but he's not an exciting fighter. So you put on rigor de our ads. Gary russell oh my goodness i mean you put them both on the same night all like i said. That's i mean that's that's daily double and that's a daily double to you know really they. They don't have advertising with sam next. They should get it the they should go right out there really. I mean as monosso do wanting right. Listen to teddy okay and go out there and call make a phone call to sonics right now as they listen. We'd like to. We'd like to get some. We'd like to advertise our fights. We were exactly what you look for. Yeah we we take. We represent exactly exactly what you're looking for and your clientele the people that that buy your product where your guy where your guy really. We'd like to come on board they work. I think it'll work. I think it was worth a shot. And so what do they do. Put gary rose and listen. That turned out to be. I'm saying his straight faced. And i never wanna see anybody injured. Anybody caught ever but the two people were saved because there was an accidental head clash in a first round. Stopped that fight. I mean you know. I mean otherwise you know was more war.

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