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She was hurt you know it like there'd be a lot articles about it yeah i thought i heard that from somewhere i'm glad it's not true my my apologies i it was just joke joke yeah just kidding this is good homerun derby now over heavy so yesterday i mean the guys really show i was rooting for hobby or by and alex bregman because i want to see those guys when you know like the the guys who you wouldn't think are the homerun hitters yeah i was doing for wreath hoskins who eight seed yeah but like he got he got far you got to the semi's he was he was off the shore the ball hoskins he's a beast hoskins i think had the most home runs no no no i think the second most home runs and you made it a semi's sure more than them yeah no he's he's a beast hoskins on is awesome foes it will bring you know we were talking about bryce harper winning is so scripted his dad cheated his dad is jack now he's probably doing steroids oh he's always been jackie's always doing stuff a lot of problems lot problems there i don't know i don't know giving some those son i think harbor harper cheated cheated scripted wrote the script join explain why he was cheating yeah okay so the rule in the home run derby is now it's four minutes you take as many hacks as you can those four minutes and you get one time out but the catches or not the catch because balls hit the ground the ball hit the stands or the ground it's still inside the park for the next pitch to be thrown his dad was going buddy elf throwing snowballs just throwing them one after another after another trying to lately ruin the game it ruined it number usually cheated getting into the all star game because he was a two twenty hitter to twenty now now he's rubbing it up jim service the all star games and then you know when you know what though i am kinda glad that he wanted wasn't max muncie 'cause i probably would've like tried maximum to one that's that's horrible to me should have been reached task every hasn't or have your buys relics bregman but i mean i think is it time leah are we a schwartz truthler detroit win that deserve to win that i think i'm gonna make a homerun derby trophy and ship out sorber yeah i mean i think that we need to have truth there swaroop max once who am i talking about shorter it could have been either swimmer or monthy in the final having to be sure but it wasn't month in month one i probably would've tried i think it definitely could have been a conspiracy i think we're conspiracy things so to think about it sh river gets by of alex bregman hits it off the wall two times and he won up on bregman rober goes to the next round very close the next round wins on a buzzer beater and then and then the last round your the hometown kid tight up have his extra thirty seconds 'cause he has the the two long bows of four forty and then nukes one i mean this is like it's like i was watching a movie last night yeah a little scripted little rigs reminded me a little bit of the the panthers risk the broncos forty four nine action against peyton manning when user tarring amine no no the seahawks the seahawks crush they crush them like like millions like eight and like two years later and they were like twenty one ten off the panthers scripted script plum i'm throwing the challenge completely scripted the nba scripted script scripted i'm gonna blend the i'm convinced i'm convinced that nba then i even good the player it's just so scripted neural holograms tonight in real people yes wwe yes holograms talk a scripted and like steph curry he didn't even he never even played basketball before jerry sounds like ramos stereo ramos due to me have you ever seen a ramos cheerio and step train the same room just just i just i i mean these are questions we need to be having of course and our last question the day is whereas many machado gonna go because reportedly he might end up in la and be a dodger yeah on my saw was bleacher report we're gonna go little fake news on this i'm not buying it scripted trust bleacher report atom fight it seems the.

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