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I thought I'd throw the gauntlet down. So you feel bad about not loving. You. My mom got me onto Bozo's circus and romper room, and I had the opportunity to actually meet Ray Rayner right before you started his shell lensman. Loved him. Wendy. Horrible to show you lucky dog. Godly was really kinda neat to be able to have all that happened. I can even remember being able to be one at a guy kids held the flag for the romper room. And my mom was so excited about it. She got me published in that little so local newspaper down in Harvey, Illinois. You know that I was on the romper room show. I still have that cut it. That's excellent. So is that the list Elizabeth rapper rumor the MS Francis rapper room? Oh, definitely miss. Elizabeth miss Elizabeth. Yeah. We're we're Bussan hair was almost as tall as I was. So. Should we held hand held mirror? That didn't have any glass in it. I see Joey. Stumper bumper boo. Tell me tell me tell me tell me magic Mary. Tell me today did all my friends have fun at play. And then she'd mentioned every child in America except for Wendy. Blending. It. A very common name back then. So I didn't even get a shout out there. Doc is bad for your Wendy. I really do. Yeah. That's why he rubbed it in so hard. Thank you. Glenn? But I have a great one. Can we talk to Stuart? Yes. Because this is pretty exciting. What's up good? Good morning. How are you not to? Two. This guy last guy was just saying I actually. Romper room. She said I icy Stewart, which is an unusual name. You mentioned because I send something in like a contest for naked nice stuffed animal for a children's hospital. Anyway, back in nineteen sixty six when I was in first grade one of my classmates, she actually she was going to Bozo's circus. So a lot of us that used to just bring lunch to school went home at lunch time to see if we could spot her in the wink, wink, cast two thousand yes. And she actually got picked by the magic EROs price game. No greater honor to America than that. Yeah. She she got bucket number one. And I think she wanted to buy some bundt candy bars have pantyhose for her mother. Hit it off the rim on number two. And quoted in like, what's that is? She Cody Parke's daughter. Yeah. Yes. She pointed. So as we got older in junior high and high school the joke around school was well don't get out with her. Oh, closer. You'll never get the second. Yeah. Six year old girl..

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