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With him that day to be able to get him from point a to point B safely. Last year, Willis announced that he was taking a break from acting after being diagnosed with aphasia last month, the Willis family announced his dementia diagnosis. Remodeling for how you live today. Here's Craig de Roscoe, founder of sun design remodeling, sharing how remodeling can bring family and friends together. You know, I think it's evolved over time. The kitchen used to be a place where you'd prepare food. I mean, I went into one the other day, the Washington machine was right next to the stove, which was right next to the refrigerator on a wall. And then had a couple cabinets and it was a typical kitchen from the 50s and it hadn't been remodeled yet. And it's changed so much where people are actually entertaining in their kitchen. They spend so much time in our kitchen. I mean, it's where people do their homework, though, prepare food. They'll eat the entertain, they'll play games, they'll work on their laptop working from home. That's really where the kitchen becomes the hub is a first room you go to when you come in, it's a first room you come down to after you wake up in the morning. Join sun design at their remodeled home tour and historic Clifton on March 11th, featuring a kitchen primary bathroom and lower level renovation. Visit sun design ink dot com. That sun design egg dot com. Sports at 25 and 55 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. And here's Dave Preston. Capitals lose in Los Angeles four two Darcy Kemper makes 37 shots in defeat for coach Peter la villette. We weren't very good in front of him at all. And he made some really big saves. And he gave us a chance. You know, we end up taking the lead one, nothing. It could have been a really bad after the first period. Alex Ovechkin and Rasmus sandin score in defeat men's college basketball CAA semifinals Towson tumbles to the college of Charleston 77 72 despite 21 points for Cameron Holden cougars play UNC Wilmington for the title tonight. Atlantic ten tournament begins this morning with Richmond facing UMass at 11 a.m. the winter faces George Mason tomorrow patriots take a 6 game winning streak to Brooklyn coach Kim English credits a healthy Ronald polite. I think he's the most improved player in our league. I think he's continuing to build and showcase that he's one of the best point cars in the Atlantic tent. And really excited to see him for the rest of this march run. Coming up at 7 55 George Washington coach Chris caputo gives us multiple dining options in Brooklyn. You want to hear that. Dave Preston. Sports. Okay, Dave. And up ahead after traffic and weather, WTO's national security correspondent JJ green will be with us to talk about China's latest warning for the U.S.. It's 7 27

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