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Giancarl ABC news all. These guys and gals are so predictable. And. So- dimwitted Here's a question for Sarah Huckabee Sanders cut three. Go Everybody Critic for going after his political opponents? With, no if there were others that weren't that we deemed necessarily would certainly take a look and review those as. Well Now The president is reacting to the conduct of these. Individuals Men and women who've had the highest security clearances Access to the most important secrets in this country Who've turned their former positions Into political positions Where they go in public An, attack the commander in chief they are free to. Attack the commander in chief they're free to say everything they've been saying it's not a first. Amendment of free speech issue there are not. Free to have security clearances that's a privilege That. Is a privilege The issue for me when it. Comes to John Brennan I've said before is how the hell that this guy get a security clearance in the first place How do you vote for a Soviet Communist a Stalinist in this country and get. A security clearance to run the CIA Every one of these individuals has a reason to lose the privilege of a security clearance having been retired air force from office Komi Leakers. Who take government documents ought not. Get a security clearance her retain it McCabe under criminal. Investigation for leaks and cover. Ups and lying he's condemned by the inspector general. He ought not be able to retain his security clearance Peter stroke speaks for himself he shouldn't be able to retain his security clearance James Clapper lied about the massive NSA eavesdropping. Program under oath which is perjury. Was never charged was forced to apologise why should he. Retain why would he keep. It in the first place Bruce or Sally Yates And by. The way we still? Haven't gotten to this unmasking issue we still don't? Know who did what We still don't. Know who did what there. Is no reason any of. These people should retain their security clearance politics aside we're talking about their conduct we're talking about their behavior. We're talking about what they've become since they've left office and some. Of them while they were in office Jeff Mason. Whoever the hell that is. At the White House briefing today here he is cut four go how is this announcement by the president The Americans not interpret that getting back against his critics and isn't it also attempts to, curtail freedom of speech by analyzing them Once again? How does this penalized? Their feed him of speech unless we all get security clearances do we all right to a security clearance is it a right And again I would ask these reporters you're. Not familiar with what Komi did or you're not familiar, that McCabe is under criminal investigation and you're not, familiar that Peter stroke was just, fired from his conduct are you not familiar? About James Clapper's perjury You're not familiar. With any, of this why are you, saying the president going after his political opponents maybe there is political opponents maybe they're not but, they've all conducted themselves in ways that of course they shouldn't retain the. Highest classification of an access to security information This is preposterous go ahead The president has a constitutional responsibility to protect classified information and. Who has access to it and that's what he's doing is, fulfilling that responsibility and this this is action a specific to Mr. Brennan and the. Others are currently under review Presidents his administration Are no. Republicans, on outlets well hold on Ho ho homeless Mr. producer isn't. Komi, a Republican Did you not say why are there no Republicans on, this list at least. One Republican on the list but that doesn't matter You. See how the media, come to the defense of the miscreants in the malcontents because I hate Trump no, matter what he does These people are losing their security clearances post employment because of their conduct Comi was fired and among those who recommended it was Rosenstein who was a leaker any absconded with government documents McCabe, is under criminal investigation stroke was fired. For his dishonesty in his bias and, I can go on and on so? The question for Mr. Mason is? Why do you pretend to be reported why are you such a hat I'll be right back Here we go again this time turns out that an identity protection company that I'm sure you've heard of hasn't been so careful on protecting the Email addresses of their customers..

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