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This has been the MRs Grisham first intermission report brought to you by MRs Christie, Sally probably made in music city since one thousand nine hundred eighty five select the back. The second period is next on the fifth. Third Bank, national predators radio network. Hey fans, get a free twelve health frosty from Wendy's. When the predators scored four goals are more at home or on the road. It's the frosty score with four participating middle, Tennessee. Wendy's restaurants, follow us on Twitter at presenting gel for your free coupon. Nothing cranks up the excitement of a Nashville predators game like seats and Bridgestone arena. And nothing gets you in like TicketMaster verified tickets from TicketMaster dot com slash NHL. Take your pick of seats for every game and help give the Pratt's home-ice advantage with TicketMaster verified tickets. You're guaranteed to get in. So nothing can come between you and heart pounding action on the ice in the stands cheering for the win. With your fellow press fans. Your seats are guaranteed with TicketMaster verified tickets at TicketMaster dot com slash NHL, mid pin. Ford has more than pickup trucks. Crossovers an SUV's like the Ford edge, expedition and flicks and the new explore and escape mid ten. Ford has them all plus the legendary f one fifty pick-up as well. Well as Ford transit van and super duties, no, hyper high pressure and over fifty years of servicing customers in middle Tennessee, visit mid tin Ford power stroke, diesel parts and service center. Mid tin. Ford your BP and Ford heavy duty truck dealer. Find them at mid ten Ford trucks dot com. You'll know. Hiller. Your family's comfort is our priority. Don't take chances with an old furnace this winter from now until February twenty eighth get a heating tuneup for just ninety nine dollars. Plus fifty percents off all standard repairs while we're there. Don't wait. Call us today..

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