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Lemon chill please thank you thank you my cotton candy that's gotta be bad who is who's the canadian resident former canadian football player that got the dt from jake the snake roberts and wrestlemainia tubes at george wells or something i'm talking about yes now has just laid out they've had the ddt and then the state comes out of the bag all over the place of course we're pulling out these the snag the snake i'm a bag is mike dad tony thank you if you want to strike on you that's what he's doing right now is allowing the snake you come out of the bag and he's putting an all over donovan mitchell and quit snyder the utah jazz that's what's happening out there you have it yeah well there it is i mean i mean it's bad i mean it's and we talk about what was her not the pelicans get another game out the series against golden state why wanted the same thing about utah strong defensively and a solid team but it's just so hard to overcome great production on both ends of the floor like houston this is the complete team we've seen from houston all season long in non ddat news has been a big night in baseball ever pool hosts gets hit number three thousand and the los angeles dodgers the first kim bide no hitter in their franchise history against the padres here was the call on am five seventy l a sports here comes the pig no hitter twenty six no hitter in dodger history the first combined no hitter.

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