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Right. Guy didn't make very many mistakes. I think only had for interceptors last year but you know what the great thing about all of this is. We're going to find out okay. We're gonna find out. Via is banged up. They're going to continue to get into but <hes> oh whoa whoa creighton for. Let you go. Did you read jephson tales article. I have not i know jeff recruiting very carefully. What what did he write today erode about the three years of coagulant by kirby very good article <hes>. I don't want to go into detail. I don't wanna take up too much time but <hes> to get a chance. Read it great article all right. I'll go to the <hes> <hes> do success. He's had in drafting five stores. Okay very good. Thanks for calling. I appreciate it. Let's go to you got a little bit of time. Let's go to coy in florida koi man you georgia people need to calm dow l. k. reel it in its if getting out of hand because what has georgia done other than win the recruiting war every year here and <hes> become the buffalo bills of college football. I mean you're coach. I don't really think he's or georgia's coach. I do not believe he is an xs and os coach. I think he's a little mustang with above of more talent and for the most part everybody's just saying that georgia's gonna show up in jackson beat florida but i mean it's still flora <hes> and we have so many people on the field at one time and play and i know depth matters but i think florida's scary kind of good to be honest with. You and i hope we start. We keep playing just getting by every week because georgia hasn't done anything okay. Well i am i am. I'm anxious. I'm anxious to see what the gators are going to do. I think the gators have a real shot to beat auburn. I really do and so that to me. That's good. That's a facet auburn auburn. The tony works we're talking to when it gets to the real game that matters georgia and florida game this year florida is going to go into that. They're going to be told all week long. They can't win and you know what happens when that when people do that because kids sit there and you know what george always keeps already. He's walking around their fans even act like they become some glorious. Iconic dynasty will football team when they haven't really done anything but when s._e._c. you see championship maybe two or three they haven't done so until it gets stolen. You know the old show them to be the man you gotta beat the man they haven't hasn't done that. They haven't even come close really well. We can't close it is going to be a fun season. Watch urged. Who would you flat. Georgia and florida fans go back and forth. It's going to be fun. Hey co ed gotta run. I gotta take a break here. When we come back. We're going to have oland buchanan from tech sags dot com to bring us up to date on the aggies. This is tony bart sitting in for paul finebaum. You're listening to paul..

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