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It's called Joe Joe rabbit upcoming no well king will speak with the director of that film in the next half hour KQED morning edition time at four thirty I Michael steak good morning live from NPR news in Washington I'm David Mattingly billions of dollars worth of European goods imported by the US are subject to new tariffs beginning today NPR Scott Horsley reports the tears are the latest salvo in a long running trade dispute between American made Boeing aircraft and rival Airbus jets from Europe the US has complained for years that European countries unfairly subsidized Airbus the World Trade Organization agreed and authorize punitive tariffs on up to seven a half million dollars with European imports Airbus jets themselves will face an import tax of ten percent but lots of unrelated products will be taxed at twenty five percent including will in sweaters yogurt and specialty cheese it's Europe may get a chance to retaliate next year when the WTO will consider complaints that the U. S. unfairly subsidizes Boeing jets it's got Wesley NPR news Washington NASA's first all female space walk is scheduled to begin in less than a half hour astronauts Christina cook and Jessica mir will be replacing a piece of hardware that controls power on the station Brendan Byrne with member station W. M. F. he has more a previous attempt at an all female space walk was scrapped back in March when the correct size space each for the would be walkers couldn't be ready in time the space walk is scheduled to last about five and a half hours the first female space walkers both for the U. S. and Soviet Union ventured outside their spacecraft back in nineteen eighty four this is NPR news public school teachers in Chicago remain on strike this is day two of their walk out largely over pay benefits in class size the teachers union says it won't accept the city's offer of sixteen percent pay raises over five years Chicago's mayor Laurie Lightfoot says the city can't afford the union's demands Chicago is the nation's third largest school district he cigarette maker jewels says its suspending sales of most of its flavored products NPR's Alison Aubrey says the move comes amid growing health concerns about illnesses and deaths swing to vaping by the centers for disease control and prevention mostly among young people after a review of company practices led by its new CEO jul says it will suspend the sale of flavored products such as mango fruit and cucumber in September the trump administration announced plans for a national ban on flavor to E. cigarettes a move that many Americans support according to a new poll from the Kaiser family foundation here's pollster at Liz Hamel fifty two percent more in support of a band and about half also supports a ban on the sale of all the cigarettes there are now nearly fifteen hundred cases of serious lung disease linked to vaping and thirty three deaths Alison Aubrey NPR news an explosion at a mosque in eastern Afghanistan today has killed at least ten people it's unclear if a bomb or a mortar was responsible I'm David Mattingly in Washington hi my replete in science Friday rising sea levels are making homeowners make hard choices I actually have been thinking.

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