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Hi everyone I'm Steve Patterson right purpose is just to the left of me Donna is in a separate studio hello but we're all maintaining social distance which is really nice absolutely you should do the same at home at the office everywhere in your car what ghost town world we're living in right now I'm telling you add some said it's making me go home I drive into work this morning sun I I'm just doing the speed limit minding my own business guy behind me flashes me I'm like and by flashing I mean his life hello okay so like what what's his deal so I'm like okay do is something on my car is my you know my little gas thing open I look in my mirror I'm like I don't know no my car did does feel a little like wobbly your phone like two flat tire Mike I hope not local so then he gets off on the ice he takes an exit off and then he makes some hand motion to me and I was like at A. O. K. keep driving to work no one thirty five another car flashes me I'm like what should me she's what's going on so I get to work and I'm like what is the problem I get out of my car while it's still running after I parked and I'm like whoa okay I think mystery solved everybody I think my backlights weren't working what are the chances that both light rear lights would not be working how do you ask me this a week and a half ago though so that's that's our direct network no but now nothing makes sense nothing is real anymore all are you sure did you know I'm not sure we could test them out Steve pump the brakes Ryan can check them okay something else that's related that makes me think there's some alien thing going on right now Hey this is great the stuff and once for a panic attack every morning when I turn my TV on in my kitchen a set of string lights goes on okay so do that you just there's just an electrical problem but they're battery operated lights timer involved here I don't know I mean it and I know every single morning and so I got room in a like chase and watch this this is kind of like stranger things get out of bills like Iago watches in the bills like living in the upside down right I'll what is that all about maybe the universe is trying to tell me something with a light hi for calling me okay okay what maybe it's nothing it's nothing right is that going today not be fun right at the end of our lives at the pearly gates to have an explanation of remember that thing that you swore was a UFO right it was a reflection from a thing time that you thought it was anger truth sending your message right a faulty wiring now exactly for their house and burned out it may be some other ones where was she I don't know but if you're an engineer you know why that might be happening please six five one six four one one oh seven one well maybe we have been calling now hi there can talk you're on the Donna in Steve's show do you happen to have an explanation for what was happening with Donna okay I think her late probably came with a remote control and they're on the same frequency we have that same problem with some candles all right that's so strange okay but when I do the volume and you know what they don't so I so I started like this morning I turn the TV on the lights go on and I'm like well I'm not going to shut them off because it takes seven clicks to shut them off so I'm like I'll just use the off button on the TV when I leave the house well that doesn't work so it only works with the on button on the remote so weird well at least I'm not alone thank you thank you thank you I appreciate that explanation now this about wombats did you know that wombat poo I don't know anyone that it's it's like a furry friendly on maybe raccoon marsupial you love a wombat down unless they can mall you if the name sounds like they are on pool Australia what about the pope it is cube shaped they produce around eighty to a hundred pieces of poo recently no one knew why it was cube shaped in twenty eighteen researchers concluded that it's the wombats intestines which are made up of some stretchy and some Stephens said shin secrete the edges in Q. being during the digestive process while I'm showing a Stephen wombat scat and it is certainly accumulator dealer wow I mean look it up wombat looks like it could be repackaged as a dog that read that seems like that's that's you know the denting is it the cubes of ice that they sell or because you've got no yeah that's what it kind of feels like yeah a little bit little come if it's like five dollars for a pack of yeah I like soft governmentally gum when you bite into it it's too hard stick gum it's always disappointing right thanks to try fruit stripe that crap Hey what we welcome all fruit stripes yeah I guess stripes stripes gum that is fascinating it's bad I know guys I get it crazy okay that's fun Steve Moore did you know that there are actually two Air Force ones uhhuh I assume every vehicle needs maintenance to stay in tip top shape specially if it's expected to transport a country's leader around the world so when airforce ones by plane is getting a tune up there's an identical one standing by one plane always ready for the president's use whenever needed okay two airforce ones interesting I went on a president Reagan's Air Force One may she did go to the chair of data all then see Steve here who have been friends no it was at the Reagan national library in southern California just parked there isn't it is it's right there at your end you can go on it it's really crazy the room any room is not the right word their bar no I don't think there was a bar but there was like a phone a very important phone a bed that was on there hi Jeez do you remember maybe I was in a drame de okay by the way I have my kids right now at home I.

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