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I got a really keep track. Would now did you do other things while you're watching reference as the kind of movie that that rivets you to your seat the paper? Starring Michael Keaton, and Glenn Close wasn't that Tom Hanks movie that just came out called the paper the post. That's what I meant wasn't fucking riveting either. I just meant like it's not a newsroom drama, you're dealing with. You you get up you walk over to the window. Go get a drink of water. Right. You know? Not a terrible Phil I believe he does explode because he keeps going get it out. I me sure that I think is stomach exposure. I watched a film that I saw opening night in theaters one of two movies. I can recall where opening night me, and my buddy ban where the only two people in the theater one was the now beloved cult classic office space. The other is the very little beloved by very small Colt cabin. Boy, I love Kevin boy when I saw it in the theater, I love the cheesy sets and affects. And I thought there was a lot of big laughs to be had when I was a kid. I love the cupcake flying up and spitting tobacco. Adam and stuff. I was just you know, I didn't even smoke weed at this point. I would just I thought all that stuff was funny as an adult I find that less funny. I find Chris Elliott about equally funny and annoying equal measure, but sometimes the so annoying. He's funny. And what I found particularly great this time out where the four performances of. Seyhan on the boat. Okay. Brian Doyle Murray, just these old gruff dudes. We're an odd like comedy team. They crack me up Brian Amorin. Chris Elliott because Brian Murray was also on get a life. That's correct. Yes. I I love I love colder. Chris Elliott stuff is newer stuff. There's something eagle heart. It's like to what it is. It's to adult swim, swimming or something, I don't know. But I like that older Chris L stuff..

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