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By Red River. Technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. Here's Steve dresner. We'll start with the nationals and pitcher Patrick Corbin got off to a shaky start giving up three Atlanta runs in the first inning, but it was one Soto that jump started the Nats offense with a solo home run in the third his second of this series, but even a lead inning surge found the nets losing to the braves four to three. Atlanta is now beaten the nets 5 straight, they'll look forward to the Siri sweep coming up on Sunday afternoon at one 35 Paolo espino will get the start for the Nats with a record of Owen two. On Saturday and the American League, the Orioles shut out the angels one to nothing, don't look now, but Baltimore is now one 7 straight. Over a day tennis at the women's singles finals that featured 23 year old Elena Rebecca downing owns Joe Barron three sets to win her first Grand Slam event, a pretty good story for Rebecca as she becomes the first player from Kazakhstan to win a Grand Slam singles title. And out to Las Vegas where the wizard summer league play got underway, also marked the debut for top draft pick Johnny Davis, he did play most of the game at 6 points 5 rebounds Jordan Shaq led the wizard scoring with 24 points, however, Detroit roll past Washington one O 5 two 99. Steve dresner, WTO sports. Dark stories were following for you here on WTO, marches and rallies. Here and across the country, this in a fight for abortion rights after the Supreme Court overturns roe versus wade. A new variant of the coronavirus causing concern amongst health professionals. It's called BA 5 and being described as the most infectious and immune evasive sub variant yet. Elon Musk's Twitter takeover now on hold and will most likely be decided in the courts as Twitter decides to fight back. Stay with WTO for more on these stories in just minutes. 6 18 time for traffic

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