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KCBS news time four eleven. The fallout continues from President Trump's Twitter threat to stop sending federal disaster assistance to California KCBS, Doug, sovereign says, even state Republicans are trying to get the president to reverse course, California's democratic leadership has been up in arms over the presidential tweet blaming state forest management for last year's wildfires and threatening to cut off FEMA money. But the state seven remaining GOP congressmen are also criticizing the president, and they're working behind the scenes to change his mind. Republican state Senator Jim Nielsen who represents Butte county says they are spitting mad at the president righteously unhappy. That's no way to do business. Population. This devastated. I was right in paradise yesterday. When this all came down that that was unwise. The governor and president need to get back together and work to help solve this problem. The states forty six House Democrats have invited the Republicans to an emergency bipartisan meeting, the Republicans prefer to express their concerns privately to the White House confident that Trump will respond better to Honey than vinegar in Sacramento. Doug, sovereign KCBS. The search is on for a good Samaritan who helped in Oakland city councilman and two others take down. A stabbing suspect last week KCBS has Holly Quantel says the man had attacked a woman who had just gotten off bus councilman Dan, call was meeting with his former chief of staff the pizza on Broadway. When he saw two people get off the bus a man agitated and combative a woman trying to unload luggage when he pushed her against the bus and started striking her thing. Stop stop. And then I I get up. I realized my guy he's not getting a stabbing her. And so then I run out of my former chief-of-staff Olga runs out with me, and then to other bystanders who were outside salt was going on. And they came they came forward as well. The four of us were trying to distract the guy by throwing things and yelling. And when he turned and pointed the knife had called a young man tackled. The suspect from behind held him and then vanished the suspect seventy year old Clinton, Lucas of Oakland faces attempted murder charges. The woman is. Is in stable condition with two collapsed lungs despite crime numbers of the city being down called knows. There's still work to be done. Which is why he's grateful for the mysterious hero. We all help. I helped my staffers and helped and we were part of the the help. But he was the one who took the guy down and that really was a courageous active. I wanna thank you for that in Oakland. Holy kwan. KCBS a nineteen year. Veteran of the contra Costa county fire protection district is charged with possession and embezzlement. The contra Costa county DA alleges that Richard Stevenson chief of emergency medical services, stole drugs belonging to the fire district Stephenson is charged with possession offense at all and Medina's Allama drug use to relax patients before surgery or medical procedure, contra Costa county, fire spokesman Steve hill tells KCBS news is that we did not find any signs of tampering with any of the operational. Stocks medicine had been in the. Field however out of an abundance of Russian we made the decision to completely replace all of them. Anyway, at last report Stephenson was still in custody and a cherry hot service is going out of business. It's a private bus company. That's will be no more soon. Here's KCBS is making golsby the company introduced its private bus service back in two thousand fourteen as a competitor to the SF MTA run Muny buses, they even gotten hot water with the city for following exactly along Muny routes and till the board of supervisors demanded, they stop replicating lines going forward last year. Now employees got a letter saying the company will be ending operations in March because it's not sustainable, maybe the economy last star rider. There were certainly very.

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