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Works with the Democrat party and they work with the Democrat party in order to help them shape their message and promote the narrative in many of the people in the Democratic Party migrate into the median vice a versa the point of view examples among Republicans but there feel the institution of the so called free press is now yet again another institution of progressivism academe is an institution of progressivism Hollywood entertainment send institution of progressivism publishing is an institution of progressivism for the most part and what they do with these institutions as they keep pushing their agenda it's very diabolical so much of it is hidden from the American people that's the nature propaganda there's a piece in the daily caller the other day they headlined here the Obama era operatives and former journalists behind a covert propaganda alpha Democrat operatives who worked for former president Barack Obama are spearheading websites designed to mimic journalism outfits in an effort to push liberal positions one of the founders behind the website says media pundits should dispel of the idea of objective reporting and the state should push out liberal talking points that look like journalism by the way this is exactly what's taking place this is what is taught in journalism school again if you read on freedom of the press this is what's taught in journalism school by the way as a footnote to my publisher add to Barnes and noble if you expect me to promote Barnes and noble minded books come out then I expect you to have my book available for potential customers I wanted the Barnes and noble in New Jersey which is near where we celebrate thanksgiving right off route seventeen the big Barnes and noble that Howard stern's book all lined up behind the cash register I've sold many more books and Howard Stern there Michelle Obama's book out front they're all sexually Obama's as a matter of fact so there are my brother but so what the hell's my book if people want to get a word in they go well we went back to the current events section there was one copy of on freedom of the press on a shelf and you had a really look for it and they get out this is why I promote Amazon to be perfectly honest with you because I don't have to rely on managers of bookstores and clerks to take the books out of the box out of the back room and put it out for everybody to purchase this is a reason in some respects I push my podcast in Chicago Illinois with WLS if you're stupid enough to run Illinois college basketball and forget my show so why should I promote your station just go on the podcast to listen to it yourself unbelievable so there it is Black Friday well I had to call a Black Friday Mr producer we'd probably have to change that one day to you know white privilege Friday I don't know everything's racialist now because it has nothing to do with race but that doesn't matter than sound right right but anyway the idea that that book is not available in one of the major Barnes and noble in this country is appalling and still we've sold a half a million copies in all forms could you not going to be denied facts about this stuff now let's go on so the creating these websites these leftists these propagandists who do not believe in liberty who do not believe in free speech you do not believe in freedom of the press the websites they're creating come on the heels of democratic led misinformation campaign to troll conservatives during a twenty seventeen special election in Alabama now this is written by Chris white their tech reported the daily caller a small cadre this is a dirty tricks of the worst sort and the media the problem with the fact they participated a small cadre of former Journalisten obamacare operatives is creating a Russian style propaganda outfit designed to mimic real local news and activate left leaning voters add to the.

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