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There was also an audio tape and while authorities had to play it for Leslie's mother. So she could identify her daughter watching her listen to it must have been excruciating. The sixteen minute recording was taken on the Night Leslie disappeared December Twenty Sixth Nineteen, sixty, four on it Myra could be heard hitting a struggling leslie so that Ian could photograph her as the poor girl fought against her captors and their sadistic sexual torture Ian threatened to slit her throat throughout the audio of her assault little leslie leded for her mom. The tape was absolutely sickening and that's what prosecutors were counting on when they played it for shocked courtroom at Ian and Mirus trial in April nineteen, sixty six, the couple stood accused of murdering the three children whose bodies had been recovered Leslie, Edward Evans and Jason Kilbride kilbride's body was uncovered in the more just days after police found Leslie it was clear. He'd also been sexually assaulted before his death. Myra and Ian became objects of scorn and fascination for all of England after their arrests on the surface. The twenty-something lovers seemed like average office workers but investigators discovered that they were secretly not only sadists but even Nazi sympathizers. Myra. Lure children in by pretending to need help getting things to her car. It was exactly this tactic that allowed her to kidnap Lesley from the Boxing Day carnival. Afterward, she took the children back to Ian home where they were assaulted tortured and killed then buried on Saddleworth more. During an interrogation in Brady admitted to being the one who planned the murders Myra claimed she was innocent. She insisted that she was always in a different room when the real violence happened and that she was a helpless victim of ESPN's. Manipulation. Myra was somewhat convincing especially because in the nineteen sixties, nobody wanted to believe a nice young woman was really a child murderer but she had one major problem the sixteen minute recording of Leslie's torture and assault featured her as a key player. She sounded just as unhinged as IAN did. On May sixth, nineteen, sixty, six, almost eighteen months after Leslie's death Ian Brady and Myra. Hindley were found guilty both were given consecutive life sentences. Ian was convicted of all three murders with prosecutors were unable to find enough evidence to tie Myra to John Kilbride's death because of this, she would be eligible for parole after twenty five years in prison, and she fully intended to walk free. Throughout the nineteen eighties, Myra desperately tried to downplay her involvement in Lesley's murder. She wrote to Leslie's mother and West claiming that she never tortured the girl even though the audio evidence from the trial clearly contradicted her Leslie's family. Believe it was just mirrors attempt to curry public favor before parole hearings they remained firm in their conviction that Myra was a murderous monster just like her lover he n. In two, thousand, two changes in England's prison laws finally gave Myra a real chance at getting out of jail on parole. But before the change went into effect, she died of a chest infection on November fifteenth two thousand to. Be in Brady died fifteen years later at the age of seventy nine. The kidnapping assault and murder of Lesley Ann Downey was a wakeup call to nineteen sixties. England it showed an entire nation that no child was truly safe not even at a Christmas carnival mere blocks from their mother's house. What was especially scary too many was that Leslie's captors seemed just as innocent. They appeared to be a young couple in love who worked nine to five at least on most days. But every once in a while Ian Brady and Myra. Hindley's disturbing appetite stirred and innocent children paid the price. Thanks for listening today in true crime. I'm Vanessa Richardson. You can find all episodes of today in true crime and all other originals from podcast for free on spotify. We'll be back with a brand new episode tomorrow in. True. Crime today in true.

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