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Yeah, which is. One it didn't bother me. I didn't academy any point that. that was breaking the spell. Yeah some the background mugging. Definitely leads. Jeep had cats. On similar similar vein do we have them in intensive like disagreements with oil prices being vice? Didn't they cost Pex against what Stephen? What was anticipating? Because? Of his tight, yes, yeah, he. Says he understands. Why they did. Loads of whether it's true or no. They tried to find stallone Zyppah. And nothing funny looked Ryan's when funny so they went with somebody. Who could play it properly? Yeah, because I think how great and graciousness. He was magnanimously says that if they had counseling topic, look ridiculous with that peasants standing next to Bonnie Langford throughout the entire thing. Biden with it. Not looked at. Thought although stuff sure. Fat Point Oh. That was giants, So yes, it was me, but. Bandon. Maybe adult linguine time, maybe a Hulk Hogan time. John haystacks type. Michael Kill Gareth Times. Stephen Film type. Vissel to now. Nearly said that and I thought. You've run this joke into the. Gets a cap it. At the start of this? UNNOTICED, the Doctor Says About Paradise Towers it won awards in the twenty first century. Classic. Late twentieth century the you feel like so long as it's another century, any anything could happen. And yet now sort of feels old. Sell it so. Not Very far in the future, indeed, and of course, while there's nothing particularly F-. Depending on how you look at that particular futuristic about it brackets the power from the fact that the. Just keep the crackdowns consciousness live outside his body. I suppose, but you know we'll. We'll forgive them, but you'd have to be on a very one of the earliest death. We even have Earth Coldness in the twenty first century Richard. What else wearing doctor who? Knowing the real end of I was assuming you're gonNA fall in times the end of the century. Check this for me. Yeah, I'm I'm not expecting it to happen. Talk from how this is a new era of doctor who incentive approach. What was the big I about? This was the first story where they just arrive. Randomly no, it's not random. Is it because they choose to go that? There's something about it is. The I didn't have any continuity elements, a single returning character or element or reference or anything full. Very very very long time I think it was high on the such. Back in the day. and. Whereas, we might be thinking the call Melinda of his way to do that. What she did is proved that it's for easy to do. It's more efforts to burden these things that continuity. When you bring a new Ryan says they should be crazy new wells. Yeah, we'll for eighteen nineteen years dome out never bullet with continuity today, and it's not the right, but a ladle full. Santa's watching sixties. Who for my other pump cost? It is reminiscent. Of those. Days when he never knew was around the corner Just bit Sillier. What do we think of of McCoy here? Because I was still getting used to his his axing. Because it was. You know quite a break from sort of had. The role before. But some watching it with hindsight, he seems in fact on the documentary. I think one of them says that they feel still feeling his way, but I thought. Wow, this is dumps this. Yeah. I was thinking. It never gets any better than this. In good way. That sounds bad. thinking, you know all the mob is new ideas. He brought the role ahead. Fully fool that. Inverted comes down and sinister sides that he added later on on here but I mean. That's not really for me despite a decade of new adventures, that's not really meet the. Essential of this is. and I find. A lot more charming than I think I did as a teenager from the you know the modes that scientists and And tries overcome sation with a drinks found, or whatever it is, it's terrific. And he's holds against all these actors. Very good in the scene when he's tricking the to can't take. Suffer performs of that and it's a bit like some. Of them quite scenes of that nature on. Serious edge like the. COMES, yes, yes, hypnotise! Guys on about but I'm shutting. What he can do even this out, yeah! WISTFULNESS! And thoughtfulness. In Various moments, but he always used to say instill says that he didn't know what he's doing in season twenty four, and he just thrown in the deep end, and was swimming and. Falling back and he knew me clownish. Just doesn't show here. That's only. Time in the Ronnie's. Made of course. Most things the first few weeks do something seemed to last forever and then everything kind of telescopes after that so i? Wonder, if he's remembering those first few weeks in time, and the Rani and thinking lasted longer than did. While it must have felt like a lot. Thank you? Yeah, I mean really the only bit that I find frustrating is when. The ended episode three gets captured by the cleaner. It's a bit like the the truck and fire. It goes out of his way to to to be sort of grabbed by it..

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