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If you look at the numbers, the percentage increase in drug violence in in violence displaced, people it went through the roof anybody with any brain wanted to get out of there. And so you look what's the root problem? It's people like Hillary meddling in other countries affairs that causes these problems. Daniel mcdan- mcadams is executive director of the Ron Paul institute for peace and prosperity a few moments on the what I believe the president rightly describes as a witch hunt. This Muller investigation of so-called collusion with the Russians in the twenty sixteen election. Is it possible is it ever possible for the people who hate this president so much to realize that Hillary was such a flawed candidate? And we'd had plenty of a sample size of what Hillary Clinton was all about that Americans just rejected her had nothing to do with Vladimir Putin had had nothing to do with Russian bots or hundreds of thousands dollars in in Facebook ads or or trolls or a meeting at Trump Tower with a Russian attorney it had to do with the fact that Hillary was such a flawed candidate. I mean and the other question I have for you Daniels. How can Hillary Clinton after living with Bill Clinton for that long? Still be so politically unsavory. That's true. He was he was swamp. I mean, he's smooth and that and that was pretty annoying for those eight years, but you know, you're right. Look at the empty seats. Whenever Hillary spoke. You know, all of the difficulties her, terrible speaking. But then look at Trump who was in. I'm not I'm not I'm like NAS to come a political agnostic, you know. So I I don't I'm not in any camp. But Trump did a great job. He has one policy was great. It was almost Ron Paul foreign policy. Hey, what's what's so bad about getting along with the Russians? He was up front about it. And America wanted to hear that, you know, what is so bad at this is not nineteen fifty you know. So, you know, it's interesting. There was a hearing on the hill today with the Google Google. You saw. Jerry, Nadler thought he was going to have his big moment. And he said have you looked into the Russian info advertising and Google affect on tried to sway the election and the CEO executive said, yeah, we get a very very intense analysis. It took about forty thousand dollars an of four thousand dollars an ad four thousand dollars four thousand bucks. Yeah. I didn't even say it wasn't even Putin. Russia linked account could be anyone. Yeah. That's that's way, the electoral college four thousand dollars four thousand bucks and here Hillary spending a billion dollars. Thank god. She's not in charge of our money. No doubt. But, you know, Daniel tune in charge of the bed. Daniel Daniel, here's here's just in the closing moments here that we have together. Robert muller. This thing has gone from Russian collusion to possible. Obstruction of Justice, which there is no proof of that. The president can fire anybody like an FBI director James Comey at any time for any reason. Now, it's too payoffs and campaign finance when does this ever end. Does it ever end? It's a great. It's a great thing. I mean, it's one of the few times I feel like we might be winning a little bit. You know on our side were used to losing a lot. But you know, we put up on the wrong policy websites and Peter van Buren. Who's a terrific guy? Take department former State Department employees in in a really great observer of the scene and the title says it all Muller's investigation is missing one thing a climb. That's it. Exactly. They've got everything, but a crime, they got everything, but actual evidence that had anything to do with Russia and halting the election in any way, shape or form. It was just some of the Michael Flynn the posted via smart guy, head of the DIA. He goes he goes and meets with the FBI without his lawyers. Come on. You know? I mean, it was the boneheaded move. They got him in a trap. But other than that. There's there's just nothing there. You wanna talk about traps in the Miller investigation tomorrow night. I'll have on the air somebody that I, you know, very, well everybody knows now a doctor Jerome Corsi. And and what's happened to him has just been absolutely abominable that they would they would treat this man this way and try and put the screws to him. But you know, what he's fighting back to I I I give drum corps. See a lot of credit for his fight against Muller. And and this really corrupt investigation. Don't you? I do. And I my only hope is that he comes out of this his notoriety is increased so much hope he could turn it into a couple of bucks. If he certainly deserves. It got a new book out silent. No more. So maybe maybe he can monetize that. Yeah. Absolutely. So I mean, do do you see this ending soon? This smaller thing audience. What do you think the outcome's going to be? I mean, I think the Democrats try to breathe new life into it. You know, but it's like a Frankenstein monster where where else is there to go on this? You know, they have as you know, every couple of months, the Washington Post and New York Times. Breathless headlines. Finally, we got we got it doesn't pan out when you look at the nineteen indictments. But most of those are for people in Russia. We have no idea who they are. We have no idea what they did. We have to go on their word for it. They'll never have to prove it in a court of law, and they're just patting this thing. So I think they're gonna try to do it. I think they might find themselves with some maybe some people will put on some yellow vet. Democrat. That'd be awesome. I I don't I don't want any monuments to burn or anything. No way, no way. But yeah. It just looks like it's just never ending ball of BS. And it just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger with with no results. No proof. No, nothing. That ties to President Trump. What what I don't understand is. He's going to be president. Why wouldn't he have a meeting with ambassador? Not only of Russia. France, Finland NEW GUINEA, whatever. Hey, I'm coming. I'm coming into office. I'm going to start off on the right foot doesn't want to have good relations with all of you to stand up and cheer. This is a good thing doesn't every national security advisor have meetings is as you're doing a transition with people like Kislyak and the others. Yeah. Unless he's totally leave the should. And they're calling the Logan act violations. It's incredible incredible incredible web they woven for themselves. And I hope they get tangled in it. Daniel Dan, mcadams, the executive director of the Ron Paul institute for peace and prosperity. I thank you for all of his time tonight. Great guests, and hopefully, we'll talk again sometime in the future. Thanks so much for having me on you bet as great Daniel mcadams on the nightcap coming up a regular appointment with a forensic psychologist. Dr John Huber joins us after the news in minutes of the nightcap on seven hundred wwl w you're talking about it. We're talking..

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