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It's like I don't know I don't know so we're careful and we're not we're not tell everybody buddy everything but I thought you said a second ago. That ideas were easy to come come up with and it was the execution. Yeah that's true but we we do go to the trouble of of patenting things What we're doing is creating barriers? We do need some barriers between us in the rest of the world. But I guess to go back to my point is that by things in cash has Freed us up in so many ways I just cannot express. How awesome that that are life is you can't articulate how how much better things are? It's amazing it's amazing. Where where so so much better off now? I'm sure it's just a huge weight off your cells it is it is and was it difficult to get in cash. Oh Yeah yes you're was. I mean lots of people would love to to be in cash. Yeah my advice to them would be just star Star working on So I I'm I'm fascinated by the sabbatical thing. I'd love to do one. Okay so give me the Give me like the scoop what would you. What is your day on a sabbatical like yeah okay? Ah So on Sabbatical. I tried to separate burn Influences outside myself and and especially the company so I don't WanNa be burdened by everything that's going on back home so that's why we try fire best not to spend time on the phone as little emailing as possible. It's not always possible. We just do the best we can but I I focus on exercise. Sleep rests because so often that this is the thing that gets depleted. How much sleep do you normally get? Maybe six hours around there and then on your on your sabbatical what do you get nine nine ten and and it's also I eat when I'm only when I'm hungry and I sleep when I'm tired and sometimes you hugh and find me asleep in the middle of the afternoon interests are anytime you know. It's fascinating when you start listening to your body and just do what it what it's telling you to to do. Yeah and then you write winter. Yeah I do I ride I journal. I research things I get ideas about. You know just different things and I'll I'll dig and and this is my opportunity to spend time trying to figure out something or day into read like what were you. What will you read? Well whatever happens to it. Interested that moment help Bible all those things. Yep Wow oh very interesting I have like this is a. Here's my journal. One of them. How do you write in in your journal? I probably three to five times a week sabbatical. I could write you. You know thirty forty fifty pages. What are you write in your journal on your I? I try to write every single day. What do you what do you like do you just Kinda? Yeah Right. What happened during the day and then whatever reflections come? Yeah the things that I'm thinking about the does insights that we went on Sabbatical. The go you know we went there. Yeah I love the park. Hard a little scary for me. Because I feel there's some pressure to make it quote worth it. Yeah Yeah no way way my family. My Company didn't have me for that period of time. So there's a little bit of pressure about the something right. You GotTa Make It count since you're away and then that's probably not the thing that makes you productive. That's right that's right and if we can just focus is on my blog. I mentioned something like you know. Athletes Work hard and they have to rest. They have to recover so so as a business owner. There's a lot of pressures. And stresses and the Sabbatical gives me the chance to just let it go. Yeah so before we wrap this up. I mean there's so many other things we can talk about because I know you've you've talked about various different philosophies you're building with your business and I think it'll have to be a future podcast but Gimme Gimme like your top reflection going into twenty twenty maybe give me your top reflection about nineteen and your top reflection about twenty. Wow that's a that's a okay. Something something that is in your gut not. I'm not just talking about about some theoretical thing about my business or whatever a feeling now there is something in my gut so a lot of times I think businesses and maybe smaller businesses especially. Don't really spend a lot of time on their mission or their vision. And the more that I dig into that the more I realize that really all of life is about what are are Y in essence. Why are we doing what we do? Where are we going how we get in there and the this this this? That's rattled around a lot in the last year. We're really working on your life. tooling we've been it's it's something we review something we talk about and the more I did this business thing. I realized that there's you can have a vision for the business. Then there are subsets. You know your production area can have its vision. Your Administrative Eric can have its vision and these all tired and the vision for the business and then the mission and so for nineteen. I feel like that does two things really became in front and Center for us In Twani we are looking to bill bill on our growth. We're growing pretty well and said missing visit of course will play a big role in it. But we're trying trying to Like I said sort of get to the next level that that involves empowering people we'll creating systems that are valuable. You're really not going to be able to sell to people you're limited headed by your systems. So the the the better the systems the more likely your customers can do business with they ultimately. It's about trust if they believe that when they order wines as they're gonna get it and when they use it it works works and it's reliable. This is trust Even the way we you know we talk about packaging our products. That matters is because it's creating trust so we're we're thinking about the idea of scaling and units for us and we've started like there's in some things that we put into place that are moving into twenty twenty and that's what will be focusing on in the next year is our our for scaling efforts to move into our our future. It sounds like you have a really good plan. We we have one. Yeah I mean it's like you heard the thing about the Mike Tyson right like Mike. Tyson says he wants said everybody comes into the fight with the plan until you get punched in the gut punched in the face. I'm not Gotcha. But it sounds like your plan as you. You're you're already continuing something in place. And that's that's really impressive. I think it to go to your analogy getting punched in the gut and that happens all the time in business and things I feel like every single day punched in the Gut right and then I get up and make my own punch exactly. I mean that is that happens every single day and I think that's that is part love learning to be a businessman is just getting that perspective. It you're GONNA get hit. That goes with the territory. Yeah just being flexible flexible in your thinking. Be Willing to change. Be Willing to adapt to what is happening. What your customers are saying? What in your products are saying? We have trouble with our products. We don't just sit there hands. We fix them. We we modify them. There are customers mercer are are made whole. Wow so it's just a whole all big. The whole thing is trust. Rick this has been great I really appreciate you coming on the show and I look forward to having a good relationship Going forward forward. I I learned some some interesting things and have good things to reflect on so thank you. Thanks mm-hmm..

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