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This is. A tale of two cathedrals it's a story the of two bishops a tragedy and even a prince this more than one battle in this long saga and only one of the Cathedral's has a happy ending. You've got the two main cathedrals Anglican and Catholic. Dr Anna Crichton his historic places out. Your we meeting. Outside Christ's stooge Anglican Cathedral in Cathedral Square on the day Prince Charles visits and becomes a patron of the rebuild like mini. Ns fought hard for for the spiltting and eventually they won. It'll be restored at a cost of one hundred four million dollars just a few blocks away as the Catholic cathedral of the blessed sacrament. Its future looked safe until a few months ago it will now be deconstructed and a new one built so it's a story. Three of two cathedrals and that's the story of two bishops and it's a story off the aftermath of the largest natural disaster to new Sheila. Jeanne both was severely damaged by the earthquakes and the aftershocks the fates were in the hands of the bishops will visit. Is it the classical Catholic cathedral shortly. But it's the Gothic Anglican one that has been debated delayed and deeply divisive the cathedral asset desolate since the two thousand living quake in the Anglican church in the heritage groups of white water over. Its future ever since the crumbling building fenced off and propped up by metal. It'll starts right in the middle of the city. Now there are three options on the table restore the old building demolish and build something new or gift the building to the see what happened with the Christ Church Cathedral while state took us even. Es of fighting to get to the stage where it was great to be restored in a nice even years. We hit a recalcitrant bishop who was really really came and for it to be demolished. Bishop Victoria Matthews has always said the building has no significant heritage and cities people are more important gene thousand earthquakes. Quake have shaken us and what we thought we were about the greatest energy seven to eight years on is invested in an attempt. I'm to restore business as usual politicians for more interested in getting elected and keeping up on the Poles. Then actually actually assisting people on the east side of town so the outcry from the public was because Christ Church Cathedral troll is not only the scene to pace of Cathedral Square and ask such a better icon definitely not a new on the traditional in the history of these cathedrals angels you know you need to restore them for sure. And I'm almost in tears because it's just so sad youth smoothing offender it missing it history said is it. Leave it as it is and it's just the reason why the Anglican community was built so for seven years. He is the cross stitch. Public have been fighting against the misinformation that it was beyond repair that it was dangerous. They can't afford to repair it. It's an exciting opportunity to build a new cathedral and it would take too long to restore anyway and the other argument was that the case look cathedral as far more spectacular building so gone restore that one I mean huge amounts as is being printed and resonant talked to pat either this even years. Lisa's to the eight atop priciest rallies. Different groups fighting for it. You know it really was a very long story. The Great Cross Stitch Buildings Trust with the ones that hate the most path because they hid Germain Inform Impedes Jim Anderson in follow up version fighting for the restriction of this cathedral through the government the crown nor office. And everybody else so I want it was setting. The oldest fighting was going on a major offer was made from the community to pay for and with a proof Casado of the cathedral that's open. That's the western facade are open to the All the way this huge gape there and into the offer nor charge nor cost to the church or the community would rise the funds fishy five thousand. Hasn't done for an engineer to cover the gap to stop the millions of pigeons. That have been in the IVA waters now nine years. This offer was tuned down by the Bishop. Also we hit an offer from the worship phone company of glaziers and painters of glass in London. It's one of really really old guilds and England say seen seen somebody out here and I offered to restore all the stained glass windows in the Cathedral that was also tuned down but it wasn't until two thousand seventeen that on after consultation with the Senate the Anglicans Senate in knife I should site to site yes to restore. There was money granted from the crush city council ten million dollars and matched by the government. Sorry sorry they call it over the line to say you can't sign now. It's going to cost too much. Repeat so what was the insurance money and these krantz the restriction was short today. Really is a Diab- celebration for Christ's ditch at it. The way where we can move on and reinstate voting that really does mean so much to not any questions but the people these days and now it's going hit but cassim between teammates. We nearly two years later and nothing's changed well. It doesn't look as though it's changed range but it's being cleaned out nicest. Pigeons are still sitting out there having a great fury of HR right truce going to be visiting today and Typing working on plans in engineering feasability studies over it. Sort of thing costings. They actually have to sit down there. Once they climb once the Ikea to proceed came in two thousand seventeen by hit to see Trafficing inquiry fundraising Construction old is sorts of things to be able to tune round in cyb right. We stores clean adamant all the way through that. This must happen. Absolute could you know. Could you see the viewpoint all could just say argument. Now I couldn't for the simple reason they insurance money was forty million dollars and they the bishop from my understanding understanding and teen to build a new cathedral for forty million dollars you not cathedral that would be something to be proud. Add of for forty million dollars. The seem to point of cross-stitch so now living room here I think that people outside of Christ church maybe find that difficult coke to understand particularly those who think that's not very attractive building. Well it's not a very attractive. Now Ah let's actually very beautiful few a few look at the detailing in just not look at it as a building and actually studied the detaining. It's very it's exquisite it it's really exquisite externally and generally there is a document proceeded by the Great Cross Stitch Buildings Trust in two thousand and fifteen to the government with an objective of C Smith for the recovery of the Cross Stitch Cathedral and as they rightly pointed into that it's a symbol of strength for the people of the city so this document was for the consideration of the Crown Office and government. It starts off with the important seasons that the Cross Stitch Cathedral spiritual cultural and civic class of the city and AH it's a wise being there and provided inspiration for the city and its people it is a community civic cathedral as well as being a hi Anglicans and because we're not as crush city councillor. I was a naked fedral when the Dalai Lama was speaking and was quite wonderful in these different people from all over the world would come in speak an angel so it was a really a really inspirational community cathedral for everybody Mesa. What religion you where there's pain also? It's the paper joining in to get it restored and put back the way it was It's symbolic of a whole range of things which are cultural which have spiritual significance sandwich method to people surveys of the hot. We're doing this Recovery of Cathedral as part of the overall recovery of the city from the trauma of quakes. Fedral wasn't recovered covered. You could argue that. The city of Christchurch would never recovered memory site interesting story one of the things that the people across looking to and and starting to save Bill. They'll be generation of children who will grow up watching a cathedral being built in the square and that will be quite something special for them so when it looked like that you know the Cathedral was going to be pulled down. What was the point where it looked things? Look most hopeless for the cathedral throw. It looks nice to hype. Plus we at was was put members of the Senate of the Anglican Church and they were following following the.

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