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It's thursday february fourth. I'm mary regalado. And here's your local news from the los angeles times brought to you by state farm like a good neighbor state. Farm is there today will be beautiful and sunny with a high of sixty eight and low tonight. A forty nine. Our top story governor gavin. Newsom says he believes california's. Schools can safely reopen during the pandemic even if teachers have not received the cove nineteen vaccine as long as other safety protocols are observed teachers unions including united teachers. La have balked at resuming in person instruction before teachers are inoculated but the governor says proper safety measures and support systems would be in place before students teachers and staff returned to school. Newsom adds that he would like to prioritize teachers in the states vaccination plans they are next in line. After the current priority of inoculating individuals sixty five and older and healthcare workers in related news federal authorities announced yesterday that two new covid nineteen vaccination sights will open in the state next week. One is located at cal state. Los angeles the other is at the oakland coliseum. They both aim to help seniors. Who have struggled to get vaccines sites. There will be a drive through site at cal state. La and a walkup facility near the schools transit hub where buses and trains stop. Officials are working with l. A. county metropolitan transit authority uber and lift to secure vouchers for vulnerable residents. Who don't have easy access.

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