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For seasonal price and calendar factors compared with October twenty eighteen orders were down five point five percent foreign orders rose one point five percent in October over September but a three point two percent drop in domestic orders wiped out those gains economists say the data indicates twenty nineteen will be the second year in a row in which new orders will have fallen I'll trade conflicts global uncertainty and automobile industry challenges a weighing on German industry new rules from the trump administration regarding food stamps are being put into place a piece that Jackie Quinn reports it means close to seven hundred thousand Americans will be removed from the food assistance program the department of agriculture is tightening work requirements for food stamp recipients limiting states from providing waivers for certain adults who are unable to meet the requirement that they work at least twenty hours a week to qualify for snap benefits secretary Sonny Perdue says this will help move people from welfare to work and save more than five billion dollars over five years but advocates for the poor like the center on budget and policy priorities say job training and a higher minimum wage would be a better way to get people off of food stamps Jackie Quinn Washington one of America's most well known of marijuana advocate says he's stop smoking the stuff but he hasn't stopped using the rule Willie Nelson who's eighty six stunned fans when he thought he was no longer lighting up and making an effort to take better care of himself.

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