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Bell business we think about working and sales and things like that so the new some awesome ideas that you're giving us uh you know for success for a nonprofit well really think thank you thank you i think there are so many ways that a nonprofit has of generating a revenue in the most common as i said our grant uh contributions and fund raising event and uh my annual crews program that i have implemented for multiple nonprofits has been a great revenue for us so that each year their supporters look forward to it and each year they have more and more participants so it's another uh innovative way to raise money all right and if anyone has new question how can we asked you findlay a tax at edel four nine three eight six one four to eight oh four nine three eight six nine four two and zia email at just us for travel that's u s t new as the number four travel at gmailcom i'll be glad to entertain any questions and again i endless facilitator i stay in my lane i refer you and get support from people that have expertise in the area that you're interested in okay all right well thank you so much mary in one this is going to wrap it up with this week will be back next tuesday after screen time and all the shows are available in the archives eastern wish listening in on demand experts chefs of your nonprofit with mary and you can find that over on streaker radio you could discu will it and we will be publishing off the meeks for everyone to see as well so thanks again mary thanks robin land don't have a great day bye bye bye.

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