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I just love the fact that we somehow we are full with the worst list running around at the moment i don't have i'm not kinser genius. I don't know if the rest of the nfl a a trying to prank me as ashen kuchar around the corner pimps. I have no ide- but somehow out team is fourth are now one of these jamie. He's the you'll reverse melbourne uk. Everybody out of and you're pumped by everybody in it. Wait everybody in the. And you get pumped later buddy. That's what i get. But yes i regret with a reverse flash reverse flesh eric. In if anybody he was constipated you could have watched that gyn and would acclaimed jails at completely high pips civil awning. Oh maybe that guy was. That guy was supposed to be a saturday night game action. You know what would have been like if that if that you're not you know that. Not every year where everybody turns off their power to save electrcity. That's good fraud. twelve imply. now when is called earth not earth day or whatever it is. I just did that literally would have occurred. Everybody would turn until you often say kids. This guy play owner. That would not have made a law affects john on imagine. Imagine thank to find that guy. And they lost the weather to the guy and was as puget was going will be given sank cuter another set. I not thank. You should be thanking pointed a light because we just saved you from that from that circus. Yep yep now that charlie kagins might have gripe point. Here he goes. You know how the bombs are in the in the pale of pump them. Now that that's a fair point. Also have you lost to this jamie i. We made sydney forget that sydney when we had one top one top team. Did you lose to light nine. Did you lose to hold. Nine nine edgy lays to gw s Did you spend calton ni- jiving your decide.

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