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Then andy reid in terry francona winning as they leave philadelphia philadelphia ahead andy reid you watch that game last night that was ofensive wizardry philadelphia ran him out of town terrific ran terry francona outta town by the way philadelphia used to be the nation's capital john they butchered that reportedly ran george washington right out of town so happy for any read what a code even know that kinda made that last one up they have a jail in a in a courthouse beneath their stadium at some them that's xi kinda use to i would love to go to jail i love to health i just some of these fan bases are looney toons through looney tunes well the anything by the way chip kelly won ten games his first two years right they want to run him outta town we don't play football the way we like football he won games with average quarterbacks so you've runoff chip kelly an anti reader winning games with quarterbacks with career 85 passer ratings hoyer your loss kansas city's game christie with news turn on the new this is the heard lined new antonio brown has very upset that he did not get the ball is wide open mad that ben roethlisberger to throw it to him and he had a temper tantrum on the sidelines an hour hearing it fenra less perverse perspective we've got hurt he would open arms which i kurdistan confirmed that i got word i was disappointed hurt ashland a pencil of kroto were fortunate bet that happened in fort that he act and react with that way i told him on friday because we ask me what hap how monitor open about lower i've probably accusing hurt real fight coming though because he would want you to feel better and and and i wish of hakkari in kobe fact your or whatever recco hawas priority.

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