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Pockets one sleeve pen pocket to pockets at thi- one for penn one for map. Large cargo pockets at the leg. Ham integrated belt with metal buckle was Look in field that makes me wanna buy flight suit that i have no use for see. I don't know if i'm on board with that one. Who are these kids. No one told me when. I was a kid that you're alone and concentrate hard enough. You could fly this certain legal drug you talk about. What is children can fly. I made things partially invisible with my eyes that was by poking my eyes and changing matt. My perception right is suffocated in sofa colosseum. To try and fly. What sort of dark secret does hold. Okay okay you took that story just a different way. I don't have now. And then he said you don't even have to concentrate to go on a flight. You just have to buy a ticket. You've been to an airport. That should i have to concentrate really hard to make it through an airport going. What do i need to do next. I concentrate like the whole night before the whole drive leading up the whole time. I am concentrating really hard. That is a very good point. Yeah it's it takes a lot of mental energy to fly these days. Assigns a cool quote. I'll tell you about a cooler coat. Now yeah chris autumn days. Like this make you positively giddy five blocks to harry's for your favorite lottie you throw on your chic autumn armor rose gold sunglasses in swayed trudge down five flights of the walkup. You hit the streets to find a pa blocking your path. Quiet breeze shooting he quips. I'm walking you reply. You blow through the nauseatingly artistic shot producers scream. The pa flees the actress. You recognize from that dog. Movie chuckles amused. By your lack of amusement you push down your sunglasses to find the handsome french director. Yes he's handsome and yes. You have a pulse charging forward. I want you in my shot. He snaps his fingers in mid air. Like a mating call commenced the iro yours heard round the world you push through the crowd as the director goes on and on about raw charisma and edginess. Good god these people well. You're not entirely innocent. italian swayed. Trench crossing trenches supple genuine swayed so on so forth ladies. It'll make you a movie star. Come on now. This one have the opposite effect. The japanese coat. I was like this is kind of. I don't agree with. I don't agree with this. But that code sounds nice adverse. This one had me going. Larry's pacino's frappuccino larry cooking up harry's lots. I believe harry's lante. Who's this guy harry making lot days. Don't think harry makes lotteries but that made me want to go on like there's a place called harry's and it's make it a lot as that sounds bomb. I was so ready but then this lead just is a jerk. You turn introduce bag Turn to big jerk when you were this coat out hat like that. Never happened known. Ever walked through a Walks or some fancy hollywood production and then scoff directors. Like we love you skog. He won six. Oh my goodness bring the camera. Over here on your. I'm just writing the author for making me participate. Let sick twisted a situation. Okay well. I saved what i consider the best for last one that i think we both will relate to.

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