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Coal w fifty five says alabama will be down seven to start. The game will absolutely destroy ohio state by scoring nonstop. Forty two fourteen another alabama national title. I could see it being a game where we count or not we but just like people watching the game count either or team out and then they make a comeback like gets goes down fourteen year and like oh shit this is going to be a bloodbath in if not i can easily see that happening hard. So here's kevin malone says. Jim harbaugh will beat ohio state during his next contract at michigan won't win big ten championship during his next contract to which sierran murphy replies and says if jim harbaugh ever so of state i will cut my tesco's off. Whoa whoa ovum make. You cannot say those things on the internet surf. You don't mean it. Murphy's balls are on the line as a bet. It's not like big cat was gonna cut his pinky off. It's a little bit different when you're talking about balls to make everybody feel good. I'm end like this to straight heartaches tom wilbur says north carolina win the acc next year and says eight comes into season obsessed bama and goes on to win the sec west here to fall. What a feel good ending job silva latest available as good rate also today at the opposite end of the day while the game and hopefully that we don't have the latino maybe jackson's ohio state but feeling at the end of the day. Hope it's a not. Yeah we'll laburnum trading. Sure part of me wants that. But the other part of me that bama minus nine for two hundred fifty bucks. I would like for it to be a blow out to be. Are you at five hundred. He said i was trying to keep it a little secret. Five hundred same exact. Same five hundred. I bet on. Lsu last year. i've just kept waiting for this I don't know but there's some sent me a gif of english bulldog. Look at him. he's cute. They're the best dog all right Anything else that's good. Hey hold on make sure you tune into the college football show tomorrow and then we will have a stream for the game and then we will also be doing a late night. Podcast marmite night so bang bang monday. Monday's bay one after the national title. Game if you wait bound our you'll have our takes on. Its it'll be tomorrow night I'm brennan welcomed smith katie. stats jack. Mack as unnecessary roughness. Well john thank training..

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