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George bush w bush in that same mold some people eight rate but they should hate bush. Do you see all the things that happened on. See that's the problem with america. You'd look at our history books. They rewrite history to look favorable to these white presidents. that's just the way it's been like george w bush nine eleven happened on his watch. The motherfucker tack an entirely different country. Does it get any fucking worse than that. Hurricane katrina happened on his watch. These things all happen on his watch because he's been silent since leaving. The white house doesn't erase all the bullshit that he did. I can almost guarantee you that our history books are going to read fairly for trump. he will be controversial. He'll be somebody who was polarizing but all the shitty did. They won't be writing about. Because i can guarantee that your kids in my kids when they read about george w bush. They're gonna look like i wasn't that bad was it. Yes the fucking was. But what's crazy is. I think my my daughter. My middle daughter. Madison texted me four times on election. Day don't forget to vote debt dad for the mandatory voter okay. Make sure your vote issue sending out these chain messages to everyone in the family. Are you part of the democratic convention. But what are you doing blowing people up. She's like. I just want to make sure everyone knows vote now so i feel like in cheese. What thirteen but younger kids. Now i didn't necessarily have grant. I was thirteen when george bush was elected and i wasn't urging people to go out to vote. I paid attention. But i feel like what we went through specifically like this past nine months black lives matter movement. The protests all stuff. I feel like a lot of these. Kids did grass and with that comes. How shitty trump is so. I don't think he's going to be painted as favourably as you think. I think now the youth has a very good understanding of how shitty he was a respectfully disagree dense. Do i guess some racist people have condition their children to think he's amazing. Dude george bush stole and election in two thousand stole an election and everybody on the night. That was the first thing that that was. The first time i could vote and i was a spearheaded. A rock the vote campaign in vegas. I did a whole voter. Registration rally did all this shit. And when when george bush won so many people like man. That's it will never happen again because we're energized. Now we're hype and this can't happen again and then you want a guinea john kerry john kerry was a terrible candidate. Then barack obama wanted. We got all excited. Everything has changed every fucking four years. We let our guard down. Well see eight. We let our guard down. Even with obama like we got so excited about obama. We let trump come into back door. We do this every time. So this isn't just because it seems like right now because we live in a country of right. Now you're right now. We're excited right. Like black lives. Matter is not as profound at this very moment was three months ago for a lot of people. just not police brutality. Just now brianna taylor just not six months from now they'll let their guard down even more and this kind of some insight in the book that i'm doing with shay serano is that's exactly what talking about pimple butterfly. Kendrick lamar. That outcome wasn't important anymore. Because those things weren't happening and then people were just like. Oh yeah everything's cool. Yeah you know. We're you know we're against it but then we only are in the moment. We get hype in the moment so everybody wants to vote now but are we going to be this strong in two years and four years. It's six years. How are we gonna right. Who's going to be responsible for right in the history books. I don't know if our kids are going to be responsible for that. They may tell their kids their stories. But there's going to be a whole group of people half of this country enjoys donald trump's presidency. Yeah a lot of them. Going to write those books. A lot of those are going to tell those stories. So it's it's not something that is just going my way. My hope is that that half and his base. Which i'm hoping that they don't both face lie Not his group but like you know these television networks and all of that his base is what they say it is and that's an aide uneducated rural white people and uneducated rural white. People are not going to write the books. No but that's not how trump didn't win of him. No i mean there's obviously we see the candace owens we see these young you know maga- kids again fucking polo shirts and all that stupid shit but there are very. I'm hoping large minority because it shows that college educated whites and he didn't really give a fuck about them. So i'm hoping those people are the ones writing the books they won't be. I'm hoping is not the thirty. Six percent latino vote that showed up in florida. It won't be them either. It'll be the rich white people who have endorsed trump this entire time. Who head of these corporations like. Have you ever noticed like if you even look at black lives matter we. We started people going to boycott walmart or target because the owner provided campaign funds to trump or they endorse a police district. Those are the people that are going to be right in the books. We don't have that kind of money. We don't have that kind of power we should like. This should be another wakeup call. But we have a wakeup call every fucking eight years yes. It'd be another wakeup call. The we should be involved with this process like we should be involved with look like sin speech telling the stories which should be writing. The book should be educated. You should be so many other things other than aspiring to be instagram models. And this is no matter what race is the grand models rappers athletes so much more shit to do because we have to be the storytellers. But we haven't been. And that's why george w bush is looked baby now because the right people aren't telling the stories not so true so true before we move off of trump in this election. It looks like he's going down with the ship rate..

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