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Yeah i would take that security prison not like a dangerous not like that like the stuff they show an msnbc being like a white collar prison there'd be like the might be one bad guy there might be one jamie lancaster gone wrong but it'd be a lot of people who tax evasion stuff like that but you'd be in prison yeah if i go to white people prison then i would do it but i wanna go to mexican prison okay which by the way what's your move in a maximum security prison us take somebody out right away i know i become the submissive humanely find yeah you gotta because there's two moves it seems like you either you have to just kill somebody right away to lay down or you have to find protection yeah okay good to know should we be worried about john wick three no we should not somehow turn up the volume on john too and it got better and you have everybody in the world trying to kill john and gently three every assassin though flora i might we might have to see john wick three together all right man we have to today and wait outside the until the nope we should take coli it'd be human koei ludovico we're having such a good talk we just got quite for thirty five minutes and then you're gonna take one last shot lose the next four oh that hurt my feelings we go buck stop it will you plug your basketball but quickly.

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