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I wanted to show everybody that you know, the level of competition thing can be answered and have fun. You get tired of people saying that you're tired of people with the level of competition stuff. You get tired of people that you try to come after you with that one. Because I mean, now you now you've done it. But, you know, before the Senior Bowl weekend, guys like, Well, I mean, yes, guys tossing guys around, but that that guy's tossing around there's gonna be a dentist. And you know, in three weeks is did you get tired of doing that? And now that you've got the senior bowl tape, can you just kind of throw that out there and say, Well, you know, I've acquitted myself. It felt so good after that first practice to be lto. You know, really check that box. But in my opinion, it's never good enough. And I understand that. So that's why one got the next couple of practices and just keep solidifying that question that people have held against me. Yes, it definitely did get, you know a little bit redundant to constantly hear that, But I understood that, you know, it's a valid thing to say. So it was often the billable too. No answer that question. Who's the toughest guy you went up against? Out there? Out to the compass. The toughest defensive lineman was definitely the U. S. U C L, A defensive tackle. I liked your matchups with Levi owes a rake A out of Washington on day one. He only got the one day of practice. But you guys had some one on ones there and that that looked like a pretty fierce match. If you remember those Yeah. A lot of those defensive tackles. You challenge me very quickly, You know, at center. And that was something I learned quick. I learned, you know, through playing the position to the first couple snaps to really anticipates that Count Morse that way I can use The knowledge of the staff down to my to my advantage that we are able to reach them. Because that center when I'm trying to reach a shade pretty. They're almost kind of at a disadvantage of being able to take event of the snap count was a huge, huge part of being able to win those blocks. Last one here for you, Quinn really appreciate the time And obviously we had a lot of fun watching you practice this last week out there and mobile. So you have the pre draft process coming up this Give me another kind of weird year with covert. I don't know. Have you been told at all about how many visits or if you guys can do visits or you going to do pro days like what? What's what's the set up for you? Yeah, You know, there's there are a lot of kind of unanswered questions right now. But I mean, it's been a common theme for for a long time for me, so I'm not. I'm really not fazed by it at all. Like I like I said, originally control what you can control and right now what I can control is how hard I work out every single day so that In a common theme, so that's the easiest part for me. You know, it comes like pro days and stuff like that. I know because of how special the year it is. My agent will be, you know. And in those conversations and well, you know, giving feedback to me of you know what the correct move and stuff like that? You know, he's been a you know, Ron slave and he's a huge, huge help. But I've done a lot of work as well. I think we do a really good job, you know, working together. Move through all this stuff in a different year. Yeah, I'm impressed. I love the versatility. Heck, I think they could throw in the backfield. What? You told the rock a little bit too. I'm out here for a doll that Z. Yeah. In high school. I did a little bit in the backfield. I didn't care the ball, but I was kind of a pullback kick out with he called it the jumbo package, the one coach Yeah. You just yell Jumbo. And I'm like, Yes, I'm in the bathroom. I'm here for us. Let's bring that on at the Denver man about good luck in your good luck in your prep, man. We're pulling for you. And I just want to tell you I had a great time watching down their mobile. And I'm wishing the best for you. Thank you so much. Quinn appreciate the time. Yeah. Thank you guys. That was awesome to build. You know how little bit of my story I really appreciate the time you really enjoy it. Quinn Myers from Wisconsin Whitewater Warhawk football. And I tell you what, man he was. He was a star. You see guys once while you talk about been barred Shalimar pets, another name that comes to mind for a lot of people, But I mean like a freaking rocket ship. This guy out there? He went from 6/7 round. Kind of like a d three. Let's see, you know, See what he's got? You talked about him having a little bit of buzz coming on into the weekend. All he did was impressed. And I think this started really going from this is an offensive garble suit. He does, and he started at center and played great. Destroyed it absolutely killing. You know, that was one of the guys. We, You know, I kind of had a phone call Jim. Now, you on the way out of town. Kind of talk with him a little bit about that, you know, So what guys? You know internally what guys are impressing that kind of stuff And, you know, he's like, Yeah. You all saw Quinn out there, you know, right there at the top. You know, we talked about your boys states from UCF, but you know the offense inside the ball. That's the first name that popped out. So Yeah, we wanted to have my own show talking about Brooke. Not really in the market for a center since we got pushed, But, you know, you know they could do worse if he somehow gets to round four and again. That's a big if, because right now, I put him firmly in that day to conversation. If he somehow gets around for and the Broncos are looking for some competition and some some really some depth there. I don't completely hate it. I don't either. I'm all for it. Yeah, He's got the first to let you go. Either way. You gotta guard go down. He could jump in there. Whatever Broncos country tonight Ko in his radio. What.

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