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Hey, we're going to deal all week long with pressure looks. We're gonna we're gonna count numbers were to get these zone pressures block, and they've had unbelievable success here in the first few snap and alipay in the far left side hit the five and out of bounds there. It'll be first and goal. They Mark them down around the two yard line. That was the market get the first down Shaun Harper. The senior from Hartwell Georgia in on the stop number two. And they're gonna Markham just shy Markham at the threes. So that's a gain of nine. It'll be second down one USC opening drive for supporter annuals going with some control tempo here making sure his team set up in the red zone. Alipay I in the pistol formation running back takes the handoff cuts. It off right at the two the one touchdown. How easy was that? For USC. They stuck it down the Cougars throats in just five blames all on the ground. Touchdown USC. This has to be really worrisome for Mike Lee, the head coach of the Cougars. That was that was a hot knife through butter and Bill. This is an undersized defensive front for Washington state. We talked about the movement and the quickness say like to utilize, but it looks early here. If if the Trojans can continue to get jersey on jersey, it's gonna be a really long night for Washington state and Michael Brown making his debut is the kicker for USCB extra point is up and good a week ago. Chase McGrath after a field goal ended up tearing his ACL. So Brown is out there the redshirt sophomore. And that's that brought to you by AllState AllState knows the football season. Mayhem. That's why they're reminding fans at mayhem can shop on game day. Imagine what can happen the rest of the week. So get better protected with AllState. We have a time out on.

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