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Known as hungry girl here in Hungary land with Mikey and Jamie. Hello, guys. How I how are you? You good. It's nice to see you too. It's not like I haven't seen you all morning. But as ISIS here. Here. We're going to see you for a very long time taking a trip. But we're here today at the podcast table, people always say where do you record your podcast? We recorded at a table with a purple tablecloth now. Can you envision us for awhile? We just had a beach towel draped over the table and then didn't look very official. So it's new peon Snoopy beach town. It was couldn't you tell by the velvety, soft feels nice blanket. Oh, I don't know. Maybe it is a blanket. What do I know? Okay. So we're digressing today is a super exciting episode because so few weeks ago, we had a Costco, hall, episode that broke the internet in our world of the internet. So we are doing our very first trader Joe's hall episode. How exciting is that? I know you can't see it. But my grin is ear to ear. I'm so excited. You're two years, she's grinning, so here's the deal. The trader Joe's hall episode, this is an episode that basically, Jamie and Erin went out to trader Joe's when I was away last week. In New York and bought everything under the sun like you guys came back with giant bag. We inspected, every crevice in corner of trader Joe's for new or interesting products. And you know how great trader Joe's is. And they have like I always say this, but I envision these magical trader Joe's fairies inventing new things like every week. I know it's amazing. I don't know how they keep doing it. It's like they're reading our minds. So you guys came back with a slew. I mean, like you unloaded it the other day on the counter, and I was like, I cannot wait to try all of it. So we are going to go through all the products and taste them live for your listening, pleasure. Yeah. None of us have tried not even one of these have been tasted, so they mail stink. But they probably won't. I was recognized at trader Joe's for the first time the other day I was so excited because I always feel like I mean I'm not recognized in public very often. And when it happens, I'm still at the point where I'm so excited that anyone knows who I am. And usually they're like I thought you'd be allowed taller. The consistent thing they say, but I always think if I'm at trader Joe's, that's probably the most likely place to be. Exactly. So basically she said she said, I'm here looking for all the things you recommend also. So I forced to take you selfie a selfie with me. Which is usually goes the other way. But I did I said, please, take a selfie with you. And then we should post that selfie the Calabasas one of her. Yes. The new beautiful trader Joe's I love that place. And the cashier was like, who the hell are, you know, you don't don't feel bad that you don't know who anyway. So we're gonna start off today by trying some breakfast -i ish items, first up is going to be the brand new coconut, cold brew coffee concentrates. That's a mouthful. It really is Coca Cola brew coffee concentrate. So this is the kind of thing it's concentrated cold brew. You add water to it, and you.

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