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Of that Democrats in Congress or setting up a budget procedure that would allow a covert relief bill be approved with simple majorities and without the need for Republican support boxes. Jared Halpert, a big snowstorm isn't done dumping on the Northeast still gonna get the potential from snow in and around the Northeast area, including New York. City, not ruling out a burst of snow later on today, 30 inches and New Jersey and Pennsylvania Fox meteorologist Janice Dean a short time ago, we turned all the weather forecasting over to a rodent. Boxes. Tony J. Powers has more live. They've snow fell on punks that Tony Phil, who was pulled from his burrow at Gobbler's knob less than an hour ago to make his 135th prediction. My turn to see There's a perfect shadow cast of Mi six more weeks of winter. There will be the applause was recorded no crowds due to the pandemic. It was live stream. So one of the members of the ground hogs inner circle share the message. He said. Phil had told him earlier in the day that after winter will have one of those quote most beautiful springs we've ever seen. I'm on board with that day for me to America's listening to Fox News like three d w Y PC Mobile news on the level on the go people signing up by the thousands starting to see some sunshine 21 degrees on Monument Circle. I'm Sean Herrick. Here's what's trending at 802. By five o'clock Monday afternoon, nearly 100,000 Hoosiers had already signed up to get the Corona virus vaccine, who are in the new Age category of eligibility on One day, the Indiana Department of Health began allowing people age 65 up to get the vaccine. So far, nearly 144,000 Hoosiers have been fully vaccinated. 562,000 have received their first shot. The tax Hoosiers pay on cigarettes is the 13th lowest in the nation at a dollar a pack legislators are considering a bill to double it. Eric Berman. Reports Heimerich Berman one in six Hoosier smokes. That's the seventh highest rate in the US, Lindsay Lux with the American Heart Association says raising the.

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