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Chicago federal judge rules against Chicago churches suing governor Pritzker news is next but first the WLS weather channel forecast really more like spring time complete with springtime thunderstorms in the forecast tomorrow over an inch of rain will be dodging some showers and thunder showers this weekend ahead with milder numbers sixty one are high today with some sunshine increasing clouds tonight and low fifty two thunderstorms likely Thursday over an inch of rain and a high of seventy one from the weather channel meteorologist Scott Lori Moore WLS AM eight ninety with another update thirty minutes fifty three degrees at the lakefront sixty seven at midway sixty six officially at o'hare the diving has donated chocolate coffee and other treats to hospital workers doctors nurses and caregivers it dived has also partnered with tenet healthcare corporation and HCA healthcare to donate over six hundred thousand pieces of chocolate civil hospital networks across the country sweet breaking news the Chicago Tribune is reporting that a federal judge has denied a bid by two local churches challenging governor Pritzker is stay at home order the evil M. Romanian Pentecostal church on the northwest side of Chicago and logos Baptist ministries of Niles sued governor Pritzker but federal judge Robert Gettleman blasted both of those churches in his ruling calling their quote blatant refusal to follow the mandates of Pritzker's corona virus order both ill founded and selfish so the judge ruling against the two churches in their lawsuit against governor Pritzker some Graham numbers from the state public health director in Ghazi is he gave today fortunately our death toll is at three thousand seven hundred ninety two of which one hundred ninety two were reported in the last twenty four hours this is the largest one day increase that we have reporter that's far again one hundred ninety two deaths in one day three thousand seven hundred ninety two people have died from the virus in Illinois one thousand six hundred seventy seven new cases that's drastically lower than yesterday the number of cases in Illinois eighty four thousand six hundred and ninety eight mayor Lightfoot guardedly optimistic about re opening some businesses parks and libraries in her next phase here's bill camp where like for told the economic club of Chicago she's working to reopen Chicago's sooner than later.

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