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I'm Maria leave the ballot counting process continuing in places like Philadelphia, where City commissioners chairwoman Lisa Deeley says there are 40,000 ballots outstanding. We're going to continue to count the ballots. As quickly as we can, without sacrificing accuracy, as we have from the beginning. That's where we're at. We're going to be will be done. You know when we get done because we are we are. We still have balance that we're we're skating today in Nevada, that his Clark County registrar Joe Gloria, my staffer inadvertently and mistakenly reported to me. There were 51,000 precinct ballots to count yesterday. And in actuality, it was 51,000 pages. So that explains why, when you saw the updates today, you only saw 30,000 instead of the 51. State officials say there are about 250,000 votes also to still be counted in Arizona, the county also continuing in Georgia, where there will now be a recount. There are about 5500 votes left in Georgia account today. And after millions of ballots cast, there will be only a difference of thousands with a margin. That's small. There will be a recount in Georgia, Georgia Secretary of State brand Raph Ins burger More votes could be coming. There are 8890 military ballots out, Stan. Ending that will be counted if they were returned by the close of business today. And while it's enough to change totals, counties and Georgia are getting ready for recounting. Eben Brown Fox News President Trump's campaign, meanwhile, continuing to mount legal challenges, with the president continuing to trail Joe Biden in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Arizona, the president in a statement, saying, We believe the American people deserve to have full transparency into all vote, counting an election certification and that this is no longer about any single election. We will pursue this process through every aspect of the law to guarantee that the American people have confidence in our government. I will never give up fighting for you and our nation. Joe Biden, meanwhile, on the cusp of attaining 270 electoral votes this evening plans to make a primetime statement on the state of the 2020 election in Washington, John Decker Fox. In other news this afternoon, the sentencing of a former Prince George's County police officer postponed former Prince George's County Police Lieutenant Richard Talent was found guilty of second degree sexual assault. Two years after 2017 assault that sentencing was But for today, But following a meeting between the judge and attorneys in the case that sentencing has now been postponed until December, Prince George's county state's attorney's office tells me l no reason was given for the postponement. Farber Brit W. A male and female doc on Wall Street, the Dow finished the day down. 67 points the S and.

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