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With Julian Rogers we still got this nasty mess on thirty five year eighteen Wheeler accident and police are on the scene and I would assume we're gonna need a little more help than that SO three middle lanes are blocked off right now far left lane far right lane or what gets by and the backup is pretty strong from Oaklawn so this will set you back at least ten minutes now you might be in for a bigger backup than that if you're coming from oak cliff let's check that out first regularly northbound thirty five V. at Claire and in the two right lanes are blocking out they did temporarily closed the freeway while they move things around they they did have traffic at a stop all a driver just loaded back to keystone north found sixty seven but they re open those two left lanes so it is getting through never try it doesn't feel like I'm sure if you're at the back of that now on north at six thirty five in mesquite after oats part of purpose still blocking the two right lanes to deal with an accident traffic is jammed now all the way back to the highway eighty west bound one eighty three at three sixty days give us a call on the care of the traffic tip line let us know about us all truck in the left lane so slow almost about a you know pass that on to what you know it's it's still heavy in the Bedford mass due to an earlier crash at forest ridge okay we've got eastbound at six thirty five it's good news the the record Hillcrest finally cleared and it did happen during the lunch hour so that's that's about four and a half hours old on that reckon that means on wind we are in store for that all the way back from thirty five easy problem westbound six thirty five at marsh this one's going to be on the actually on the service road but it's enough to slow everyone even the main lanes back from about midway seventy five South Park some good news there accident cleared not without residual back up and it does stay at pretty stock all the way down into downtown Dallas a world the backup begins around forest lane and he's been on bush turnpike trouble reported around Joe see you so we're gonna look for this one could be an accident backing things beyond thirty five be and then some because you've got the ways that you're turning north for bush turnpike is is still one sixty one I believe that's going to be right around sandy lake I'm Julie Rogers next. reporter at four thirty eight and breaking traffic alerts when they happen. still seeing some rain but it is dissipating right now seeing it over east Dallas over east Dallas at this point and then just east over developed as well those showers could continue on into the evening tonight it's going to be mostly cloudy a low of seventy six and then tomorrow mostly cloudy a.

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