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Lumen Stadium, Diehard Hawks fans crowded round Al's gourmet sausage truck today we're trying to keep it, you know, keep it safe and distance. Let's go. Unfortunately, local businesses can't be open because of the Whole thing going on and So Al opens up and way try and drum up was much business for him as we can to keep him alive. I mean, he's got to feed his family owner Al Griffin would normally feed scores of hungry fans. We have two grills going So we have, like, two lines. So you know we were just out there. Want one grill? That's been tough. It always been very, very tough not to do the numbers that we've been doing. Ask almost Suzanne phone reporting Come on, Whose time is 5 10 as we head over to the beacon plumbing in sports desk and in the remaining seconds of the Seahawks l a Rams game. Dave Lewis has the latest Just not the same vibe without the fans to give the Seahawks the extra energy, trailing the Rams late in the fourth period, 30 to 20 Russell Wilson has two touchdown passes to Dickie Metcalfe, but also throwing a pick six as well. Late in the fourth Rams on top of Seattle, 30 to 20 in the early game. Buffalo Winter Indianapolis 27 24 for the Bills their first playoff win since 1995 days of Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas. Men's basketball Huskies, Now one and nine, overall. Oh, in five of the Pac 12 losing to California 84 78 Huskies 52% shooting but undone by 15 turnovers. Eric Stevenson, 27 2 FT. Sports at 10 40 past the hour. I'm Dave Lewis. Come on news..

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