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The spot that the city needed to finally look at these rail link and say, yes, actually, we do want this. So after all this time finally mogayon's, I assume agreed in this news joyously. Absolutely. Anyone who's called the sky belts to Melbourne airport will be? Massively relieved that this is finally going to exist. I mean look to be fair. The sky bells has been relatively good service. It's way too expensive for a bus ride. But then that's kind of the same. No matter where you are. I mean, you've called the trains to London imports here. And it's always way too expensive compared to going the same distance to somewhere. That's not report. That's just one of the mysteries of life. I suppose an a topic for another day. But I think just the fact that you'll be able to get on a train and be taken to the airport not having to worry about pay cow traffic. You don't have to worry about actually squeezing through all the traffic on the road. You know, you you just know exactly how it's going to work. And also, I think a lot of people look at a major city and think if you are claiming to be a major city, but you don't have an airport rail link it is I think the absence there is is quite noticeable. It's sort of like, even if the rail link doesn't necessarily always make. Perfect economic sense. I think in this day and age, we don't necessarily look at public transport is something that needs to be purely therefore economics it's actually about quality of life as well. And certainly full Melburnians then looking at that tram network or their underground rail network or any of the regional trains and looking that in saying, well does this make prophet? They looking at this. And wondering does this actually make me feel more home in this place that he's actually my home? And that I think perhaps is the key difference among Melburnians when they look at projects like this. But also all the other transport projects that are going on in the city MacOS Ben Reilly was talking to gusty match. Larry. You're listening to the monocle daily. With me, Milton. Stay chained. The Soviet dictator. Joseph Stalin had hundreds of statues busts and monuments erected in his honor both in the former US are and in Europe. But after his death in nineteen fifty three in the ensuing. Policies of de Stalin is Asian launch. By Chris Jeff most of these memorials quickly dismantled or destroyed. But by no means.

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