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The way across the McKinley bridge just backed up in the Missouri side of the river now next update at eight twenty from a simple traffic center came X. accu weather cold star but with plenty of sunshine today a bit of a breeze milder this afternoon the high getting up to forty eight mainly clear cold tonight patchy fog later on into tomorrow morning little twenty eight clouds a little sun still on the chilly side of Marlowe forties and then nice on Saturday back up to forty six Sunday and Monday couple degrees of fifteen it looks like it stays dry mild Tuesday and Christmas day I make you with your old you see divorcing Lewis's newsradio camelback it's twenty six in St Charles twenty one in Edwardsville sunny and twenty four degrees downtown of the arch from the Jefferson bank and trust business desk things were the same a long time jewelry store in south Saint Louis is going out of business in part because the owner is tired of armed robbers said owner Jesse Robinson is closing down Robinson jewelers which has been at the corner of triple and Watson for thirty six years we have our entire inventory whatever we have left which still good good bit and we're as low as nineteen cents on the dollar basically I'm looking just get my investment out of the merchandise and move on now sixty eight Robinson says he wants to spend more time with his grandkids but also he says he's tired of security issues in the past five years he says he said two attempted armed robberies and one attempted break in the store now has armed security guards the sale is running through December twenty third at five o'clock the blues had a terrific performance in net last night and it was not Jordan Bennington where would they be without Jake Allen he's been very good for them we'll have it at eight fifteen came X. news time is eight thirteen St Louis is traffic station KMOX good morning Roger brand here for bomb Rideau automotive group you know I'm still drive around of some icy slushy streets depending or yards a little slick in spots and in all the wheels are spending some folks are maybe more frustrated that maybe your car slid off the roadway and you're just saying you know what I've done with this rear wheel driver this old vehicle I wanna upgrade maybe get a new four wheel drive vehicle this is the time here to be thinking about in fact not only because the weather because a bomb riddles season's best year in savings of and which is going on right now at all their dealership locations check about a bomb rated icon by the way it that year and a savings events facts special features low lease payments special APR financing no money down no payments for ninety days or more for your trade not only that you can get into a brand new two thousand nineteen all wheel drive for eagle sport for under seventeen five you want a great lease how about a Q. fifty all wheel drive for three seventy four a month you want to save on the some other vehicles like VW's a thousand dollars holiday bonus cash through December twenty third and no payments for six months on those vehicles Chevy employee pricing if you want a four wheel drive there check him out a bomb Rideau dot com buckle up his metro is bringing you the best deal in wireless switch to metro and get your choice of two awesome free phones from top brands like Samsung LG with huge HD screens and tons of memory for all your pics and videos so hurry in the metro and get your awesome free phones only at metro.

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